1) TWELVE slots are available for the tournament. Owner invites will be drawn from the main league.
Additional selections will be adapted from outside nonmembers if any slots are not filled with the initial league teams.

2) Since this is an extention league, owners will select a NEW name for their postseason team.
It will be a similar offshoot of their main franchise theme (while retaining the colors and fonts.)

3) Winter Tournament Fees are $ 25
The Champion receives the jackpot of $ 300 plus 5 fantasy points to their franchise.

4) Winner will be the owner with the most accumulated points after the four rounds in the NFL postseason.
Every round, owners with the lowest overall total point production will be eliminated.
Surviving owners will have their points carry over to the following week.
The Opening Round & QuarterFinals have FOUR teams eliminated; SemiFinals have TWO teams eliminated. The Championship is Head to Head.

5) The 2021 Championship Draft takes place on Sunday, February 7th at 11:30 AM EST via league Conference Call
There will be a 1 minute allotment for each owner selection. Ten players will be drafted per team per week.
The structure follows the Pro Standard Scheme plus ONE Flex player.
FLEX = any extra player you choose from the RB, WR, TE position.
Flex players cannot be taken until the 7th round.

6) IDP OPTION: Instead of your 10th player used as a FLEX, an owner may substitute an IDP drawn from their Team Defense.

7) Players can be replaced on your lineup card any time before kickoff on a first-come basis.
The castaway players cannot be vultured by other teams.

8) TIEBREAKERS: Determined by players playing on the winning teams of aggregate (total) weeks.
The owner earns ONE point per team victory. Second tiebreaker is Total Flex Points of all rounds. FantasyBowl tiebreakers will result in whoever had the most players on the SuperBowl winning team (followed by normal tie-breaking procedures.)

9) Championship Game Option: If both owners agree, the two teams in the NFL Superbowl can be adapted to one anothers team. Ex. Patriots vs Seahawks. One owner will claim all Patriots players and the other owner all Seahawks. This will eliminate the need for a final weeks draft. If this option is selected, the owner with the highest points thus far gets to either choose their team or pass the option to his opponent. Normal drafting will occur if this option is disregarded.