Missed out on a favored DraftDay player? Covet one to make your team complete? If so, this is where you try and pry a player away from another owner [hopefully getting the better end of the deal] in a sacrifice of your own roster talent.
Even trades may be enacted [1 for 1; 2 for 2] as well as Uneven [1 for 2]. In the instance of uneven trades, someone will have too many roster players and will have to release them to the pool.

Trades are $3 per participant for single swaps.
Trades are $5 per participant for double swaps.

1) Only TWO players may be traded in a given week.

2) Only Healthy players may be traded [listed as Probable].

3) All trades must be reported by both parties to the commissioner to be validated.

4) All traded players are inactivated from further trades for 10 days.

5) Weekly Trade Deadline: Friday...Midnight.
After this, you may not play your players that week.

6) All trades are denied after the 12th week of the regular season
{2019: Friday, Nov. 22 * Midnight}
to lessen unfair, lopsided trades.

7) Trade Freeze: Teams with 8 losses cannot trade for the remainder of the season. This avoids a dismantling of their team {for the benefit of others} due to lost playoff hopes. Pool drafting is still allowed, however.

8) Players acquired via Silent Bid Lotto cannot be traded for 10 days or until they have played one game on the drafters lineup card. First-Come Picks do not fall under this restriction.

9) Revoking trades may be instituted only if a player becomes injured during the first 10 days after the official trade date and both teams agree on the revocation.
In a revoked trade, the entire deal is voided and there is a one week suspension on trades of those healthy players.

10) No revocations can be made in postseason play.