This is done to determine Division and/or Wildcard winners, & Playoff games. The following is the order of priority to determine such decisions.

1) Overall Season Record

2) Head-To-Head Record {Compare all teams of same record; non-division winners}

3) Divisional Record {Titles only, but Wildcards if teams are within the same division}

4) Total Seasonal Points

5) Allplay Record

6) Head-To-Head Total Points

7) Power Rank

8) Best Seasonal Game

9) Both teams advance and settle difference with best team {of the 3} advancing to the FantasyBowl via highest score.

WEEKLY GAMES: There are no 'TIES' for weekly games; Just Wins or Losses. If the matchup point totals are the same, games will be decided in the following criterial order:

1) Top 3 Scores of Bench Players Combined

2) Win/Loss Record of that weeks' NFL teams that your starting players were a part of.

3) Placekicker Longest FG

FantasyBowl Only: Replay game in Week #17.
If another tie exists, take the average of both weeks using the tiebreaker priority list.

NOTE: A tie will happen if all these totals are exactly the same for a regular season game!