This is done to determine Division and/or Wildcard winners, & Playoff games. The following is the order of priority to determine such decisions.

1) Overall Season Record

2) Head-To-Head Record {Compare all teams of same record; non-division winners}

3) Divisional Record {Titles only, but Wildcards if teams are within the same division}

4) Total Seasonal Points

5) Allplay Record

6) Head-To-Head Total Points

7) Power Rank

8) Best Seasonal Game

9) Both teams advance and settle difference with best team (of the 3) advancing to the FantasyBowl via highest score.

WEEKLY GAMES: There are no TIES for weekly games; Just Wins or Losses. If the matchup point totals are the same, games will be decided in the following criterial order:

1) Top 3 Scores of Bench Players combined

2) Win/Loss Record of that weeks' NFL teams that your starting players were a part of.

3) Placekicker's Longest FG

FantasyBowl Only: Replay game in Week #17.
If another tie exists, use the regular tiebreaker priority list, counting both weeks totals.

NOTE: A tie will happen if all these totals are exactly the same for a regular season game!