Some of your draft picks may have let you down in production-value and you want to place these busts on waivers. Seasonal weekly drafts are conducted via Silent-Bid Lotto Draw. This style allows any owner a chance to acquire a desired player while eliminating lopsided money acquisitions. All owners interested in a Free Agent must tell the Commish their desire for an ADD/DROP. The Commish responds by providing the Fair Market Value of that particular player.
The FMV is determined by this formula:

1) Players' average position value [APV]/2 ; See Chart on main rules webpage for exact APV.

2) Players current average position point production PPP % wise in respect to the APV
ex] If a QB is averaging 28 ppg, that is 50% above their APV of 19. Apply that 150% to the first # [19/2 = 9.5] and you get the FMV of 14.25

3) Number is rounded up
The FMV formula then states that the player is worth $ 15.

* Minimum player acquisitions are $ 4

Every owner submitting a bid for a certain player will get a FREE ticket in the Lottery Draw. All owners are also given 15 tickets (25 in 2019) to start the season. These tickets are used to influence the lottery in your favor by providing an owner a greater # of chances to win a desired player. Once tickets are used in competition against another owner, the winning tickets are burned for the season.
Exception: You are the sole bidder on that player and these unused tickets are returned to your stock and the FMV drops to the league minimum of $4. No additional tickets will be administered unless Egg Perks are involved. (Colored Egg Perks are the mini presents you receive at the hosted DraftDay gathering only. Each owner receives one per year. Selection order of an egg are done from prior years Power Rankings.)
Virtual tickets cannot be cashed in as actual money at anytime.
SHAMROCK RULE: For every four straight losses in a lottery, you add two bonus tickets to your base FREE ticket until you win. If you lose seven straight lotteries, you would be entering your next lottery with FOUR free base tickets. Once you win a lottery, you revert back to the original free ONE base ticket.
This will not carry over into the following season.

Auction submittals must by turned in by 7 PM Thursdays {unless other special instruction is given}. Results will be posted on Thursday at 7:30 PM {or at earliest convenience} and, from then on, it's first-come, first-serve $4 draft options until gametime. Newly-drafted players via SLA may be used on Sunday.

CASTAWAY PLAYERS: Those released after the Silent-Bid Lotto are unavailable until the following week [Tuesday] and may not be drafted.
This allows every owner a fair shot and places importance on forethought trading.

Remember that all Thursday Night Players completing their early game for that week will be assessed for the following weeks Lottery Draw if you desire them. It's obviously unfair to first-come bid on a player that is on unequal terms with Sunday game results. Thursday games are treated the same as Sunday games for these Deadlines.

TRADE/INJURED RESERVE DROPS: Players dropped from rosters resulting from these two encounters may be picked up before the following week! Once dropped, said player will undergo a 36 hour SLA. Max bid wins player. Acquired player may not be played that week if acquired on Sunday itself.

Roster moves cannot be made during the playoffs [except removing players off of IR].

All Nightshade bids are immediately voiced to any owner with direct competition with him. The amount of tickets Nightshade is willing to offer is also indicated and basemented on Wednesday, High Noon. Should a ticketed bidding war start with Nightshade, we will settle the results immediately until the final offers are conceived. All followup bids for the same player by other teams will have them granted a chance to increase their blind bids as well [up to the round amount of the original bid war].

10 Owners Rosters will be increased to 18 players. Extra slot can be added to any position, but cannot be enacted until the 11th Round.
9 Owners Rosters will be increased to 20 players.

INJURED RESERVE: If a player is listed as Questionable or worse for Sunday's game, you may put that player on IR and draft another player from the free agent pool.
Benefit? This allows you to retain that player without having to drop him off your roster [and give others owners a chance to grab him].
IR status time is unlimited and may be brought into next season. Once the injured player regains his health and listed as Probable or better, a player must be dropped from your roster to accommodate him. Make sure that you don't overstock your maximums at your positions
[ex. 4 RB's when there is a max of 3].

Only ONE player can be placed on Injured Reserve at a time.

Once an IR Player is Probable {or better}, he must be taken off IR by the owner ASAP. A complimentary email will be sent {usually Tuesdays} to said owner by the Commissioner as a reminder. An owner is given 48 hours to dismiss a roster player or the last player previously added to roster will be released automatically.


Why aren't I allowed to pick up players that were dropped that same week?
A great question that many people may find a bit confusing. Many leagues are against the concept of vulturing. Vulturing allows owners to pick off on castaway players that were not wanted/afforded that week by an owner. Not allowing this practice to take place is done for a few good reasons.
1) It places more importance on the Silent Bid Auction. {More generated money next week}
2) It places more importance on Trading {If you had wanted that player to begin with, you would have manuevered to get him}
3) It is more realistic to allow a released player to travel to a new city, go through his medical exam, and learn the playbook. This can't be done in 2.5 days realistically if he were released Thursday Night; and if so, the player would not be that effective {jet lag, medical interference possibly, and/or may be introduced to an ineffectual vanilla playbook}. More time allows a player to adjust to a new team in the right way.

Doesn't the Silent Bid Lotto treat players the same way? { Allowing only two hours before gametime Thursday and 2.5 days Sunday to be introduced?}
I can turn a blind eye to this because no Vulturing is involved. Whoever put good money on a player can reap the rewards of a Thursday night/Sunday player.

Why can Trade Drops and Injured Reserve Drops be allowed to play that same week then? Wouldn't that fall under the same idea as a Castaway Player?
I like the fact that two owners collaborated on a way to improve their teams. Sometimes a player has to be released because of it. Drop/Adds are done on Thursday night because occasionally games are played and things need to occur quickly. Any Trade Drops are thrown into an immediate 36 hour Silent Bid Lotto and owners are allowed to bid up a player. This is not considered vulturing because you aren't guaranteed a $3 basement price for that player.
Put it bluntly, any nonvulturing activity is considered morally acceptable.

Isn't Vulturing and First Come/First Serve option until Sunday transactions almost the same thing? You both would get basement prices for them.
Not exactly; First-come bidders are not waiting for scraps from other owners; they are trying to pick up a valuable nugget from the player pool at basement price. If the Silent Bid Lottery participants do not find that particular player valuable, then they lost out by not bidding and the First-Comers get to have a clean shot.