The following codewords are what an owner may receive on their matchup cards if their player/s (or lack thereof) hasn't scored points. The following definitions will clear things up. They range from innocent occurrences to downright negligence.

INJURIES {INJ}: This occurs when an owner's player starts the game and then simply gets hurt before any production is established on the field. Instead of taking a 0 for our records, it is noted as an unavoidable occurrence.

OUTS: Almost like INJ except that the owner failed to realize before kickoff that their player wasn't playing. If might have been minutes before the deadline up to a few days. This may be negligence by the owner depending on the circumstance and timing of the player's injury.

OPENS: These are given when no player is introduced within a lineup position slot (for whatever reason.) In the early years, this was a common practice to sacrifice players to save in transaction fees. In recent years, this practice was virtually abolished due to a stronger affirmation and dedication for making the playoffs by owners.

BYES: These are given when one has forgotten to look at the weekly NFL schedules and have left players in their lineups on player off weeks. This negligence is pretty extreme and an obvious sign that an owner isn't clued in on what it takes to run a successful team.

DISQUALIFICATIONS {DQ}: This occurs when an owner is in minor violation of some league rule. They can be penalized for late lineup submittals, nonpayment of fees, and disruptive behavior. The loss of points is a stern warning to get back on track.

FORFEITS: When DQs escalate into gross negligence by any owner after numerous warnings, this becomes a final stand to threaten a possible expulsion from the league. If two Forfeits are given, the owner is automatically expelled, and the team becomes property of the league.

POSTPONED: When natural disasters occur, the NFL may choose to move games in the schedule to a different week. The onus is on all franchisees to be aware of this update and make plans accordingly. If a player is played anyway based on the owner not paying attention, a [PP] will be placed in the scoring box of their lineup card.