Any NFL pro that plays on a fantasy teams starting lineup for 42 games {including Postseason} may be tagged as such. The benefits are as follows:
1) Investment Returns:
If your Franchise player scores the highest among his position for all fantasy teams that particular week or achieves 200% of his standard position average, the owner earns back money.
$.50 per opponent rounded down to nearest whole dollar or $ 5. This cash is redeemed to them upon the year's money sheet {This can help on future bidding costs}.
Franchise bonuses accrue as the season progresses.
2) Lifetime Protection:
Providing you still value this player, you may protect him as long as you wish {No 3 year contract}, but must be placed in the 2nd round of the draft.

When you decide to franchise a player, you must tally the number of games they played from the league archive. The number must be reported to the commissioner. There is a 48 hour waiting period before the declaration is finalized {this allows ample research time by the commissioner to match this number}.

Only ONE player may be tagged as Franchised.

The 'Franchise Status' may be removed & placed elsewhere, but only if one of the following occurs:
1) Another desired player has played more games than the current franchise player.
2) Your franchise player has retired from the NFL.
3) Two calendar years has passed since tag was officially removed.

If the player somehow returns to football down the road, it is as if he was never franchised. You may decide whether to retag him or not at your discretion (though not if a new franchise player has more games played.} With this in mind, be very selective in who you choose to represent your team as captain for years to come.

TAG REMOVALS: You may remove the tag from your franchise player at any time {perhaps in cases where you want to avoid having him selected in the 2nd round of the draft}, but at a penalty of 5 franchise games for players and 10 games for teams from the time of tag removal. Hence, you are essentially forfeiting these games where your player can earn profits for your team in exchange for the luxury of picking him in whatever round you wish.
You may tag them again once the penalty phase is over {providing you still own them}.

Any Franchised player must be confirmed before Draftnight 6 PM to be official for the draft. Otherwise, you can do this at your discretion.