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TEAM RANKINGS (Bottom-Feeders)

When I set out to make this list, I knew it was going to be a difficult task. There are numerous ways to play this game with so many schemes to exploit and rules to remember. Because of this, I felt like every team was on an even playing field, and the slightest difference in roster construction led me to make insightful decisions. In the end, this is only the opinion of one man, and I hope that every one of you get the chance to prove me wrong.

Jonathan Taylor and Aaron Jones look to provide a solid frame to this team but are nowhere near perfect. Both Taylor and Jones had questions surrounding their situations in the offseason that will soon be answered in the coming weeks. Kicking the tires on veteran wide receivers could be the demise of this team, although Adam Thielen and Mike Evans are proven commodities from yesteryear. However, it would be safe to question whether these prolific days are behind them. The Broadway Joes could be struggling down the road if Taylor and Jones aren't able to hold this team together and the wheels fall off the receiving corp.

It is possible for this team to lean entirely on its stall of running backs. Saquon Barkley, Chris Carson, and D'Andre Swift are all start-worthy. Justin Herbert will try to improve on his rookie performance and was drafted as an every-week starter. This sophomore quarterback still feels like a mystery and could single-handedly nosedive this team if things don't go his way. A.J. Brown and Antonio Brown are the most exciting pass catchers on this franchise, but they don't provide any true value to the current roster construction. Kenny Golladay and Mike Gesicki could impart pleasant surprises for the Skirtchasers later in the year, but at the moment, remain unproven.

There is a lot to like about this team. Some hopeful running backs could become key players alongside Nick Chubb. Chris Godwin and Allen Robinson have been consistent fantasy finishers these past couple of seasons. Darren Waller is expected to be a top player at his position, as well as, of course, Tom Brady. However, the receivers and the running backs have a slim chance to finish at the pinnacle of their respective positions, which may leave the Piranhas lacking firepower to keep up with their opponents.

This season the Lightning has featured two all-star quarterbacks with Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott. Paired with Mahomes is his favorite weapon and tight end, Travis Kelce. Terry McLaurin might post big numbers with his new quarterback (Fitzpatrick), but with his next enticing pass catcher on the same roster (teammate Logan Thomas), it feels like self-sabotage. Lightning will be an intimidating opponent on a weekly basis but could show some inconsistency throughout the year.

In the early rounds, the Sniperz avoided running backs and set their sights on wide receivers. Josh Allen was paired with Stefon Diggs while also acquiring Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Locket and D.J. Moore. This makes for one of the most complete receiving groups coming out of the draft. They weren't able to select any worthy tight ends though. Krissy's old stable of running backs provide very little value and most likely won't be contributing later in the season if they don't fit her specific offensive schemes. However, this will be a tough squad to beat if the roster is utilized correctly.

TEAM RANKINGS (Playoff Caliber)

Najee Harris and Dalvin Cook lead the backfield for this team while CeeDee Lamb and Diontae Johnson are also featured. Kyle Pitts could turn into something special at the tight end position and both Laviska Shenault and Deebo Samuel have sleeper value with their lower draft investment. Will Nightshade's decisions at quarterback come back to haunt him? Consistency shouldn't be a problem with this roster, but they might run into trouble when facing a more complete opponent.

A frightening stampede of rushing talent is the theme of this team. While led by Derrick Henry and Lamar Jackson, Antonio Gibson and Clyde Edwards-Helaire will also be key components. Robert Woods, Julio Jones, and (possibly) Marquez Callaway, should be significant contributors even though they pose a risk. Outside of these names, there is a lot left to be desired on the pass-catching side. The lack of reliable WRs shouldn't stand in the way of the Roll Tide's success though.

The Aviators avoided the running back position almost entirely as they attempt to fly high on the wings of an impressive receiving corp. The roster boasts three receivers and two high caliber tight ends that could potentially finish in the top ten. DeAndre Hopkins pairs nicely with Kyler Murray while Ryan Tannehill makes for an imposing Dual Threat scheme-option quarterback. This team could soar too close to the sun and come crashing back to earth with an absent running back contingent, however.

This franchise was able to soak up the most value at every key position. The synergy between Russell Wilson and his alpha receiver, D.K. Metcalf, will be felt across the league. Alvin Kamara is the most impressive running back on the team, but Miles Sanders and David Montgomery have sneaky upside greatly overlooked in the draft. Justin Jefferson is set to build upon his record-setting rookie season. Yet, don't disregard the rest of the pass catchers on this roster because they have the potential to break out in significant ways.

The Leprechauns took full advantage of franchising Ezekiel Elliott in the second round while drafting Christian McCaffery with the first overall pick. James Robinson put on an impressive performance last season and has the capability to repeat in a similar fashion. The most impressive part of this roster was drafting a fourth running back, Trey Sermon, and still remaining strong at pass catcher. With some of the most tantalizing sophomore receivers and George Kittle bolstering this unit, it's hard to see any mistakes. If the running backs are waxing when the quarterbacks are waning, then the gamble at QB could be the only thing that prevents this team from achieving its full potential.

Stylistically, Preying Mantis constructed the most cohesive team this year. Austin Ekeler, Joe Mixon and Myles Gaskin all pose dual-threat capabilities with their pass-catching ability. Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, and even T.J. Hockenson, play similar roles on their NFL teams because they are hyper-targeted by their quarterbacks. To take full advantage, Matthew Stafford was drafted to air the ball out while the high upside of rookie Trevor Lawrence waits in the shadows. This team should push through any hardship that comes their way and will be a contender when the season is all said and done.