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There was now a tradition invoked to have Draftdays on Labor Day weekend (Saturday, High Noon.) Fred Hight was next to host the event and thought that the back deck of his home (same as the inaugural draft) would suit everyone just fine.


Bill Morris (Doomsday) thought this was a great opportunity to bring in one of his friend's from Ilion, Rick Fureno, to fill out of the three open slots in the league. Rick named his franchise the G-Men for his love of the NY Giants. He had some experience playing fantasy football and was distant from other owners on DraftDay.
During the summer session of college, Alan worked as a dental assistant in Canandaigua, NY. He talked the dentist he was working with into giving fantasy football a try because the man did enjoy NFL football. The DDS had no idea what to call his team so he left it up to Alan to grant his new franchise a name. Alan thought to add a funny bend to the league catalogue and deemed the expansion team the Ferocious Wombats.
While attending Monroe Community College in Rochester for dental hygiene school, Alan met an older classmate John Hanlon. John loved the Buffalo Bills, and Alan convinced him to give fantasy football a shot. John gave his franchise name a tremendous amount of thought and chose the Renegades after one of his favorite songs from the 70's band, STYX.


A statistician at heart, the Commissioner audited the numbers in the offseason scoring and saw that the Tightend position was severely lacking in point production. Alan called the owners together in the preseason for a mandatory vote on whether a point per catch should be added. All but one owner, (X-Men), loved that idea of invoking the change.


The playoff teams from the prior year, Nightshade, Slicks, Jo-T.B., Fornino's Jets, continued to roll along with success, showing that these franchises are grounded with intelligent front offices.
It was truly phenomenal how the Slicks kept shining. They had been the # 1 Power Rank for 85% of their existence. No team had ever been undefeated at midseason (7-0) and were posting a career 14-2 first-half record!
The Lycanthropes, Doomsday, and X-Men persist to be middling, and Frankfort Flash, and Rogues continue to underperform with Anthony racking off a whopping 10-game losing streak!
Early on, the rookies tried to get their footing by maintaining a respectable split record. The Renegade's draft strategy was lacking as he recruited players that were five years past their prime, namely Jerry Rice and Andre Reed. At mid-season, he said that he understood his error and was already looking forward to 2000.
Dave Lovic (X-Men) showed that he never fixed his flawed lineup submittals by not paying attention to late player injuries before the 1 PM deadline. OUTS/BYES/OPENS are simply inexcusable, and he doubled down this year (28.6% of cards.)
Bill Morris had no interest on improving his team and was the first nonquitter who posted zero transactions within a season.


In week # 6, the G-Men had missed their weekly deadline by submitting their lineup 1.5 hours past the 1 PM games (2:30 PM EST). Addressing the issue at 4 PM, it was realized that Rick had forgotten about it and recognized his error. The Commish upheld league standards by not relenting on the strict deadline policy. Rick was angered at this and refused to submit any more lineups for the remainder of the year. This was the first owner that quit (of three total) because of an objection to fair league rules.
Doomsday, who had brought Rick in originally, had nothing significant to say on the matter. In fact, he was now so non communicative with the league suddenly, that he failed to manage his lineup the last month of the season. Bill owed the league $ 7 since DraftDay (pizza money) and failed to pay his debts when the season wrapped up its second year. TO THIS DAY, Bill has shrugged off this awful act and expected the commish to forget his failure with honoring debts.


The Fornino's Jets we're facing the same Nightshade opponent Heading into the final week of the season, JO-T.B. overtook the Slicks for the Division Title. His opening day roster sported only three original players, showing that his juggling act with personnel was top-notch. The playoffs between these two powerhouses came down to a second tiebreaker to decide the FantasyBowl participant! This was the only time in league history where any head-to-head contest produced this close a result.
Fornino's Jets also gunned their turbo boosters, winning the last five weeks of their schedule for their own division title. John/Fred was pitted against Nightshade who entered the playoffs via the 4th Tiebreaker--Most Points. These two teams delivered the best postseason performances but, one again, father out dueled son for the rights of the FantasyBowl seat.

In the much-anticipated FantasyBowl, many fans were shocked to see the Slicks hit rock-bottom. Tom scored the fewest points from his team all year and this remains the worst output in FantasyBowl history. Fornino Jets won the first FantasyBowl title along with multiple accolades: Rookie Of The Year, Comeback Owner Of The Year (2nd half output vs first half), and Manager Of The Year.


Going forward into 1999, Fred had a decision to make as a manager in our league (running two teams would no longer be recognized). He decided to disband his own Country Beavers in favor of the Fornino's Jets because he knew John did not have anybody to take over as fantasy manager that could successfully defend his championship title.