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SLICKS : This powerhouse team is showing us what a juggarnaut really is. What more could you ask of them!? Having the #1 Power Rank since the league's opening kickoff and posturing a sparkling 106.9 GPA {game point average} portends that this franchise will not only be in the playoffs, but may dominate the FantasyBowl.

DOOMSDAY : A staunch four-game winstreak has this team declaring armageddon on the league. Crafty manuevering has provided them the biggest Power Rank jump since opening day (6 spots). Barring world-ending injuries to the QB corp, they could reach the playoffs in cryptic fashion.

X-MEN : Although this club is disturbingly flat in TE, PK, and Team Offense production, they also have the biggest superpower of them all: QB Steve Young. Transactions have plugged the holes in the defensive slot so many 'Marvel' ous things could happen if the rest of his players can develop their own divine purpose and rescue a playoff spot.

FRANKFORT FLASH : This team is getting the most out of limited player production and they win when they have too. A league-high 7 transactions shows that the front office is on the ball. The Flash have flare, but I wonder if their cinderella-style will have enough magical spark left by season's end.

JO-T.B. : This franchise has had the most success from the waiver wire hands down. With the most important divisional games yet to play, they could gallop into the playoffs. Yes, I know the twilight division is 'seemingly' out of reach, but I sense a full tilt gallop down the stretch.

FORNINO'S JETS : This flying ace has nose-dived hard, but perhaps that was just minor turbulence. Their 'planeness' right now is by no means a reflection of their true potential. They are averaging a respectable 103.8 GPA and have perhaps set the ultimate high game score for the next decade at 168. I forsee some fringe monetary benefits when the holidays come upon us.


MARLBORO MEN : I think this owner is taking too many smoke breaks. Why are so many players starting when they have a BYE week and/or are injured?! These wranglers have a knack for upsetting teams, so they can now enjoy first place with that fear tactic, but should underachievers ever expect greatness? Perhaps they should switch to

LYCANTHROPES : A pretty mediocre team when you get right down to it. The draft fitted them with topnotch positional players (Shannon Sharpe, Eddie George), but they have failed to run away with the lead in the worst division of the league. By no means are they forseen to stay average; they are good enough to post a winning record. They just have to 'transform' those devastating upsets into a wild win showcasing to earn some respect.

COUNTRY BEAVERS : This team has no true firepower and has hugged the .500 line like a heroin junkie. Transactions have kept this team respectable, sure enough, but every week there is a big country hoedown to find someone to step up and produce. This owner must gather his sticks together and build a massive effort to dam up these heart-twisting losses once and for all.

NIGHTSHADE : They are suffering from the biggest dose of draftday poison that could be choked down and yet still survive. The overrated Kordell Stewart and the horrible Ryan Leaf are not what you base your franchise upon. Patchwork transactions have helped to shore up key positions and victories over weak teams have gotten them back to par.
The only hope of this team lies in the overthrow of the Harvest Moon Division which claims no true leader.

ROGUES : Injuries and a horrible RB corp has contributed to what one might expect - poverty. Stealing wins here and there won't cut it over the long haul and drafting in an already depleted free agent pool could prove worthless. Since they are in a weak division, a shot in the dark remains, but some steathly moves are strongly recommended.

THUNDER : Who is minding the store here? Zero transactions by midseason is not how you acquire a playoff-contending team! With little to play for in the next two months, look for this team to fade into dust.

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