LEPRECHAUNS : A modern name and a new lease on life, T-GAL takes to the fantasy gridiron more determined than ever to show the world that his climatic, successful past will continue into yet another fairytale story for the ages. Selecting the appropriate scheme to fuel his first two months of the season [No-Huddle Offense], he is again threatening the Best Seasonal Points record positioned to finish a healthy 2nd place All-Time. Certainly leading a charmed life in first place within the hardest division all the while against the 3rd Brutalist schedule ever conceived. Highlights of his year include maintaining a slim lead in his first Comeback Owner Of The Year bid, but he may well have carried a DraftDay joke too far by naming rookie DirtyDaves as the worst drafter in the league. Side bets ensued and the FantasyGods have taken up a chunk of counteraction possibly saving the cruelest joke until last. A healthy dose of perverted dentistry has been inflicted upon the dissenting owners as the league schedule pushes down the final month stretch.

WHITE DEATH: The spawn of Irish tradition has been loosed in the rough, choppy waters of our organization and Sean [or S-GAL] is swimming just fine. He is currently involved in the most bloodiest fight for Rookie Of The Year this league has ever witnessed and he is fending off the competition with chomping bites. However, being a true rookie, he is making those crucial errors: BYE week submittals, IDP lapses, & roster nonenhancements that make for a traditional nasty season. As luck would have it, sometimes those DraftDay gambles truly pay off [Marshawn Lynch/Russell Wilson] and he is riding this monster wave all term being a clear leader in his division. But does he have the managerial prowess to survive once the playoff waters become murky? With the best WR corp in the league, one might believe so.

ASSASSINS : A doomed season that is perpetuated by the 5th hardest schedule any owner has ever faced! Most people would not feel sorry for how bad Jim is faring because he has been a statistical marvel and a piercing dagger in everyone's side for the last six years. Lapse in a Suicide week aside, it's hard to judge how his psyche is doing during this torrential contest of wills, but I think he is smart enough to know the lay of the land and how fickle some seasons can be despite all the correct moves you make. Just remember, silent arrogance can be paid back by the aforementioned F-Gods in many forms!

DIRTYDAVES: This is our THIRD dentist [Ferocious Wombats; B.A.'s Bad Boys] that has ever took ownership in our league, but no other DDS has accomplished more than what this professional has. Fighting for ROY, making the naysayers pay for their poor judgements, and flat out holding onto a Wildcard berth that seems to elude half the competition, Dave is a fast learner and keen with juggling talent [I have never seen a rookie be this discerning]. Only time will tell on who will ultimately win the "Don't Lose To DirtyDaves Contest" at the end of the year.
Here is the update to the SPA treatment reward:
Eyebills, Lightning, Lycanthropes, Porpoises
Dirtydaves: 6
ONE apiece: Nightshade, ADK Wolves, Leprechauns, Executioners

PORPOISES : The third of our rookie class that is making a name for themselves and the 2nd female ever to grace our league boardwalk. Lisa, being a true virgin in fantasy football respects, has enlisted the renowned Chuck Eaker to manage her roster this year until she becomes acclimated to the who's who of NFL players. This doesn't come without its baggage since the BDE of yesteryear has placed stress upon the fabric of the leagues matrix. Perhaps it will serve her purpose this season since she wants to have a magnificent start to her career, but she would be wise to have herself as the face of the franchise for morale reasons going forward.

NIGHTSHADE : Alan has clinched his 10th Division title, 12th playoff berth, and the makings of his best Career Seasonal Record in the fairylights. A magical schedule and great foresight has brought yet another early [Week # 10] playoff spot to this endeared franchise. He is the only owner ever to chase a COY award this hotly after winning the Championship the previous year and is staring a 3rd title that no owner has yet accomplished in its previous 16 years. Say what you want about how powerful this guy currently may or may not be, he is not an easy out in the Divisionals [8-3].


LIGHTNING : Again, Greg drafted for a specific offensive scheme [Tribash Scamp] and the theory to expose scoring weaknesses proved beneficial in his first few weeks of the season. But, holding onto a potential criminal [AP] hoping he can lead your RB corp to the playoffs was ill-advised. He has done a wavering job as the captain of his lighthouse thus far. Strategic all-or-nothing waver wire contentions and a boisterous appetite for Saturday night parties has blurred the focus of this 2014 team. Can Greg seriously challenge the leader of the Autumn Division who is basically on auto-pilot with the NFL's best RB [DeMarco Murray]? Will he zap ahead into the wildcard slot as the November rains pour down? Let's see if there is some striking power left in this team.

ADIRONDACK WOLVES : Jim is fresh off hosting the Best Draftday party ever experienced and was poised to hunt for a playoff berth when the suddenly available LeSean McCoy fell into his lap as the #1 overall pick [Slicks franchise skipped town in controversial fashion]. The mood has turned sour, however, as his den leader failed to live up to Alpha male status [maybe he should have draft a Hatfield instead]. Left to scramble for RB counterparts, Hawkins is doing his best to remain viable even contending as a COY recipient, but the sands of time are fading fast. He is in a position of "must win" games the rest of the way and is in danger of missing his 3rd consecutive postseason. Good job with IDP by the way!

EXECUTIONERS : Monkey-see, monkey-do as Luke follows his brother in drafting the same premised roster based on scheme potential. Cam Newton was projected as a # 15 QB in preseason and that is exactly the type of production he is giving the Executioners as they are realizing their fall from 2013 stardom and taking it rather humbly. Lack of IDP and preseason quiz focus is bad karma and I imagine that a third consecutive shot at a FantasyBowl appearance may not be in the cards for this squad. His axe remains dull going forward.

LYCANTHROPES : Before this season, 14 wide receivers had been taken in the 1st Round on DraftDay. Of those 14, only 4 proved their opening round worth at a 28.6% success rate. That is the gamble Geo took with the fourth overall selection, Megatron, and that is the uphill statistics that has plummeted this team into the bottom of the league. This topflight WR has proved unreliable with injuries and there was never an overabundant concern about viable WRs to replace his absence in the lineup. Le'Veon Bell was a sweet 2nd rounder and perhaps this is the future the franchise needs. Geo has an eye for spotting a pretty IDP, but the shiniest full moon couldn't transform this team into a contender this year, regretfully.

EYEBILLS : I feel sorry for this guy. He brought a lot more to the competition table than he did last year and has nothing to show for it except a second consecutive mathematical Week # 10 elimination. If I can name a flaw, it might be the lack of deep preseason preparation, but I've seen enough to know that the franchise is "eyeballing" winning status heading into 2015 if he can just pry himself away from starting those damn Buffalo Bill players.

BALLERZ: Of all the competition results, this is where I see that luck has nothing to do with placing Ryan as the gutter franchise of the league. Please, let me get this off my chest; i've been carrying this angst for far too long: It takes a lot of "balls" to run with C.J. Spiller as a #1 RB. He should have never been on a roster past week # 4... period. Zac Stacy? Not even the 2nd best RB on the Rams in October. I'm sorry for being overly-critical of a rookie and I promise that Ryan has a lot more potential once he realizes he must adapt to actual player talent rather than preseason potentials. I don't know who he will pin his hopes on in 2015, because this may well be Peyton Manning's swan song. His recent success may have him escape the recorded pittance of team stats reserved for the worst of our enclaved owners.

" But do not despise the lore that has come down from distant years; for oft it may chance that old wives keep in memory word of things that once were needful for the wise to know."
* Celeborn, to Boromir
^ Fellowship Of The Ring

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