BIG DOG EXPRESS : It takes somes balls to draft players according to a specific regime of offense; namely the West Coast. Though owners have shifted their players around to suit specific lineup criteria early in the past, noone has ever declared a specific agenda heading into draftday. With ties to LT officially severed, Chuck has revolutionized his approach and he has now seen it come to fruition. Though not the most powerful squad compared to our history of great teams, all that matters is that you currently lead this particular litter of owners. As long as Chuck works around key injuries {especially to his #1 overall pick}, the train should pull into the station without losing steam.

ASSASSINS : This guy is everything he was advertised to be - a polished veteran fantasy owner with a flair for picking great talent and not giving the commissioner a headache. With the best record in the league and a 3.5 game lead in the Autumn division, this deadly foe is sure picking off his competitors with saavy grace. What else does Mohawk Jim have in store? Just watch your back people, he will strike when least expected.

PHANTOMS : Greg was allowed to partake back in this league on a probationary status , but he failed to pay the league his money yet again. Kind of clears any doubt on commissioner mandates from 2007 doesn't it? This ghost team is currently on cruise control and up for sale to any outside owner who has an eye for a great deal. Otherwise, this club will continue to haunt lesser teams on way to an easy division title.

LADYBUGS : The novelty of a girl running her own franchise is kind of alluring, but to have her in the playoff hunt with a killer team? That's sexy leather bitch toting a machine gun territory. Yeah, she actually studied fantasy football for a grandiose three hours before being launched headlong into fantasy draftday. No seriously, she learned on the fly.
I guess some people just have what it takes.

SHWIINGS : Seems like Lady Luck has a softer side for Tgal this year with the easiest schedule in the league within the hardest division {no pun on hardest}. Tom Terrific loves his MOY awards, but he has never held the glory of a Fantasy Football title and its all hands on penises this year as the seductive trophy gets closer.

NIGHTSHADE : From the well-documented nightmarish season to a solid shot at the playoffs, this owner decided to blend all new available talents into a wickedly delicious concoction. There still needs to be a touch of paranormal glamour in the QB and RB departments, but the season is still fresh and a full moon is waxing.


SLICKS : With his core performers back, Tom does realize that he has much to prove. His last two years were not bad, just barely missing the playoffs, but there has never been a formula where all his driving parts have come together for one full, dominant season {points, record, etc}. Wildcard seems the only hope this year, but his gang of greasers have surprised in the past.

COLTS : Quiet confidence is what resonants with this man. There is much to be learned from any rookie season and as I fix a bead on these gunslingers, I see a slowarmed draw opposing me. Looking down only one barrel is not what makes most teams function properly, so Rob should value a stronger approach to his lineup/roster organization.

HURRYING HOOSIERS : With so many owners watching their teams with gutwretching anticipation every weekend and making moves to better their team, it perplexes me that Matt would take the opposite approach. He barely lifts a finger towards his lineup cards, induces backbreaking BYES, and yet stays in the playoff hunt. Is this foolish mismanagement going to catch up with him? Anyway, he doesn't seem in too much of a hurry to gain glory.

ADIRONDACK WOLVES : This may be the worst defense of a Championship Title the league has ever seen. {Where have I heard that before?} Is this franchise just about Tom Brady? Leaderless, this team needs to form a pack mentality and take action fast.

GHOSTS : At first, Mr. Spook was all about the division wins and making people very, very scared. Lately though, he has gained transparency and seems but a shadowman lurking in dark corners only ready to pounce on the weak.
Shot at the Title? I think not.

LYCANTHROPES : Most people recognize that talent is there, but I think the Fantasy Gods are making Geo pay for last year just a little bit. Still, he has a shot in a very weak division.

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. {Twain}

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