SHWIINGS : It seems like I say this every year before another monster team comes along and revolutionizes the notion of dominance. T-Gal's squad is exactly that; a classy franchise back in the "shwiing" of things after a yesteryear imposed hiatus. This Manager Of The Year owner has never lost a step and is on the cusp of breaking the alltime point record! He carries a very seductive 130.1 points/per game pace and that is based on a solid lineup, pristene Free Agent pickups, and a need to attack the waiver wire when it is called for. Unlike the tricky footwork that seemed the desire of past fiery teams, this franchise is based on chemistry and just beginning to form into a possible dynasty.

BIG DOG EXPRESS : I see a nice rising crescendo with this franchise; a capabilty to build upon itself and gain great things. Chuck is always in the playoff mix, but has lacked that one component to push him over the threshold. This year, he says that his team hasn't hit on all legs, yet he still remains in solid contention. He should be there right until the end if he can overcome tendancies to be slow on the draw. Chuck has shown his proficiencies by wheeling and dealing some nice players for the future and he remains a prime threat every time he takes the field.

LIGHTNING : Greg has a fetish for wide receivers that's for sure, but at least he is making the most of these talents. He is fending off the competition for the rights to his division, but I believe that the full capacity and strength of this team has yet to be realized. Full concentration needs to be involved here and then he can shed the "hit or miss" tendancies this team has been carrying in the past. Greg has done the miraculous before, and with confidence, he can surely do it again.

ADIRONDACK WOLVES : Wow, the spirit of the hunt is upon us. After a shaky start, this band of canines has crept atop the rock as top carnivore headed by pack leader Tom Brady. A six game winstreak and counting for a rookie that is silent, but deadly in his managerial skills. As long as his QB prowess keeps up, he should be feared on all accounts.

PLAYMAKERS : We'll call this kid the Haymakers; throwing hard, wild punches from the soul of his lineup. When he connects, the results are harsh, but when he misses...well...he comes in at the worst games category. The best thing to do is not predict with this owner; every week is a roll of the dice. Sometimes it can pay off, especially when he is only a game out of the division lead.

NEWPORT JAZZ : The transition from consort to full-fledged fantasy owner hasn't been smooth for this management. Still, a rookie is just that; trying to get a firm footing here in a knock-around confederation. That said, I like what Mike brings to the table; solid experience and a brilliant track record in somebody's elses Canadian League. Can he be Doug Flutie? Able to convert wonders? Let's see how it plays out.


LYCANTHROPES : Forget Shaun Alexander, a RB transition is taking place in future ROY Adrian Peterson and George is smart enough to realize that. I am on the fence here though. Geo is basically being spotted a postseason slot, yet he has not played up to his caliber. How will it end? Ownership is well aware that these weeks are very precious and any slipup will spell a bad death in this toughest division.

SLICKS : Draftday proved rougher than expected, because the only nugget picked after the obvious frontrunners was Braylon Edwards {contributing like he's the next Jerry Rice}. Even in last, Tom doesn't have it bad since he's neck & neck with the competition, but he surely needs to gas up. I doubt anyone will be making pitstops in front of him in the final weeks ahead.

RIVER RATS : We definitely have trouble here in Title Alley USA. Busts in Bulger and Steven Jackson has certainly chased this guy away from another championship, but he is not without hope in the reemergence of future HOF Brett Favre. Joe is heartfelt and may be able to convince his players to get off their asses or his Plaque may be looked upon as a one-year wonder.

EXECUTIONERS : I think there are still breaths of life within this kid to compile a presentable lineup, but in 2007, it looks like another trip back to the woodshed. I'm not saying he isn't in the playoff hunt, we just need to see the glimmer of his deathblow before any credence can be given.

HERKIMITES : All the fasttalk and self magnetism will not get it done; not in this league anyway. Andy has the brains and extravegance to be something special, but when you continue to badger the press, it causes ill will among all constituents. Maybe this can be his learning year; such experience can only increase your knowledge on how to take advantage of the gifts presented; something that has not been done with consistency.

NIGHTSHADE : A relocation south has not been very kind to this respected franchise. A truly nasty turn for the worst and a disruption of all things sacred. Holy Shit! Is this how it feels like to lose? A twisting, painful agony that shatters your very soul week after week?! Well, as the story goes, all owners face a bad year once in a while. We will not cast dispersions unless this becomes a pattern.

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