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JO-T.B. : This is the season we've all been waiting for ~ complete offensive fireworks!! Joe is on pace to shatter...shatter...the all-time season point total (not to mention just about every other category there is). This steamroller team will reset the standard for all squads of the future as long as central figure Kurt Warner remains his studly self. Basically, anyone who cannot score at least 120 points consistently each week will never have a shot at gaining on this thoroughbred team. The playoffs are practically guaranteed and, if he is setting new standards, perhaps second half slides by strong teams will become a rarity...not a pattern.

NIGHTSHADE : Comparable to Jo-T.B. in most areas save the unblemished record, the magical picks on draftday really set the table for this team to return to the FantasyBowl. They will tomple their own personal point total record and can creep upon the confident horseman if he isn't careful. Look for solid play from all key positions as the 'Shade casts darkness upon their foes!

X-MEN : This team is starting to appear superheroic as they steadily up the bar on their game totals every week. Dave has gone full-tilt to piece together possibly his first playoff team (but readily admits his haste in releasing key players in Freddie Jones and Matt Stover.) This team shows their prowess every year, but has never had the X-ray vision to scan a division title. In the weakest bracket in the league, we shall soon find out if he has krytonite underwear or the nails to swipe his opponents 'otta da way'.

FORNINO'S JETS : Gee, look who we have here. Do I know you? A manager/owner combo posing to streak to a threepeat with some hard-nosed play from his RB's. The F-Jets are freaking scary folks, since their regular season is far less deadly than their postseason. Unless you can drop a monkeywrench into his engines, look for an aerial display come December. Don't let Fred's disturbing 'catch-up' with the roster sheets on draftday fool anybody!

SEA LIONS : Rookie-Of-The-Year considerations? What more can I say? What more can you expect? Ol' Jack wants to live out his ice cream dream and be the first rookie playoff team ever. (Barring Bettis doesn't return to earth.)

SLICKS : Well, this is a new scenerio. At this time of year, Tom is usually outpacing people while mastering his position as the 'team to beat'. It seems pretty difficult for him to now claim an unprecedented third division title due to his history of late season slides and unusual substandard divisional play. However, he is very akin to the playoff spotlight, so look for his team's injuries to heal over as he faces his toughest test ever.


LYCANTHROPES : This is exactly where Georgie likes to hang out come Halloween time. He likes the turbulent cross-roads, the neither 'here-nor-there', the (if you will) mind-bending...nay...stretching...chore of getting his act together before it is too late. It hasn't worked in the past, but his philosophy has greatly improved. I believe he could have his time under the sun..I mean moon...this year if he plays it right (just cross those hairy wolf paws).

BULLDOGS : For a spell, I thought these were the 'pit' bulls. From a strategic draft to the stunning owner abandonment, this team has hurt their chances of a good, commendable season. But, with Joe (who let the dogs out!) Mancuso at the helm as emergency owner, this doomed franchise takes on a different bite. In fact, the only true threat is his pristene pool picks thinning out the competition for the elite to finish their schedules with ease.

RENEGADES : This team has lost their way as it now stumbles across the country away from us all in search of a place to call his own. Setting up in New Mexico might do John some good, because his effect in NY wasn't happening. That back-to-back worst games fiasco might give this franchise a bad outlook for years to comes however.

FREIGHT TRAINS : This train has taken on too much mediocre player freight and derailed. CHOO! CHOO! I mean POO! POO! I like Bernie's attitude immensely, however. He sticks it out in a 'little engine that could' mannerism even though every single game is an uphill struggle. I don't see many more than a couple token wins the rest of the way, but perhaps his hard-track study will figure out a way to call aboard some quality players next year.

ROGUES : Boy, oh, boy. Boy oh boy oh boy. I hate to say anything bad, but if it weren't for bad things to write here, I couldn't write anything!! (As the old cliche denotes anyway.) But...I'll try. There, there, Tim. There, there. Are you doing anything fun this winter? Your job going well?

THE FOG : It's pretty sad when the owner, while handing over his draft fees, goofily says to me " I call myself The Fog, because me and my wife are always in one." and " Tomorrow, I want Thurman Thomas first round." Interesting. I think 'The Fag' would be more appropriate don't you think? Limp wrists and limp picks like that seem to correlate.

The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first.

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