NIGHTSHADE : A stellar performance to end the year! This team has risen to their expectations and shown signs they can be a winner for years to come. By firmly 'planting' themselves with the top Power Rank to end the last three weeks, Alan's crafty draft prowess has come to fruition.

X-MEN : They finally shed the shackles of mediocrity by posting a solid 6-1 second half record. Having bolstered the second highest point total this season, they were abused by the powerhouses in the toughest division in the league (0-4). I think David has finally clued in on what it takes to bring a winning team home to his fantasy table. Is next year the season it all happens?

FORNINO'S JETS : Some thought this club might falter when the manager went away from the owner's yesteryear strategy of selecting most of the 1998 NY Jets. Not at all. Despite the slight falloff, the F-Jets blasted past the competition to notch their second straight FantasyBowl Championship!! They mastered the draft in all aspects and had every player contribute across the board as if they were winning one for the gipper. They have top prospects returning to threaten a three-peat next season. You can say that they are like Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers - True Champions.

DOOMSDAY : I think I would have no arguments when I say that this team squandered their precious opportunity to make a name for themselves. They seemed to give up in the last half of the season and self-destruct when there was no reason too! They chose to become average with a great roster and had killed their postseason hopes by not switching players off the BYE weeks. What a waste.

JO-T.B. : They improved on all aspects of the game even though their point totals dropped from the prior year (like most of the 1999 teams). Joe have the tenacity to be in the thick of things every year and perhaps next season, they will make it down the homestretch like Secretariat in her day.

FRANKFORT FLASH : Was it something I said? Damn, they raced towards .500 like they had a spark up their ass. I have to give Tony credit for manuevering and trying every week when there was absolutely nothing for him to play for. Imagine if he actually had player talent?


LYCANTHROPES : They pulled what the Nightshade did last season - catapult from the depths of oblivion and become respectable. They challenged last years champion in the Divisionals, but like last season, got smeared on the field of play by another record-setting win. Well, at least George got some quality experience from all this.

SLICKS : They should be called the Slides. This Jeckel-Hyde franchise have proved they can perform when given the opportunity. They hold two division titles and host the most weeks as the #1 PR. They are a power-surgent team and have to tinker with their darker side so they can claim a share of that football glory that eludes them so.

G-MEN : It seems that Rick was as reliable as the real NY Giants. They blew their final four games to plummet out of playoff contention. Backup players serving as starters worked this year for him, because the NFL was devastated by injuries. Ordinarily, he would probably have fared far worse if it weren't such an odd year in pro ball. Grabbing middle tier players in the draft at every position is just a ludicrous venture. By the way, you have a poor attitude and should be ashamed of yourself for screwing the league with your arreared debt.

FEROCIOUS WOMBATS : As forecast to me in preseason, the owner ignored the league all year. They provided contending sparks in the earlier weeks, but like their namesake, plodded along bothering noone thereafter. This amusing team was counted upon weekly to bolster another owner's rankings. G'Day Mate!

ROGUES : This team was the same as last season except that they lost every division game and logged in half their prveious wins. I don't know what this franchise's problem is, but I welcome them back for a third straight year with open arms (and happy wallet.)

RENEGADES : They actually played like they wanted to do something in this league, but had absolutely no quality players. The Buffalo Bill years are long over Hanlon; give it up you old fart!

The 50-50-90 Rule: Anytime you have a 50/50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

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