JO-T.B. : Only three players were still starting since the inaugural week and the major gamble on a rehaul has come in the chips for this analytical owner. While capturing the #1 Power Rank and nosing out the Slicks twice in the regular season, Joe suffered an unbelievably tough loss in the Divisional Playoffs that was decided by the second tiebreaker!! The big guy should be proud despite the bitter defeat and he will go into the offseason a better and wiser man.

FORNINO'S JETS : Setting the standard; a telling and appropriate motto. They had all the right stuff and are what fantasy owners should strive for. Strapping the boosters on, the Jets rocketed to seven straight victories to capture the first ever FantasyBowl title!!!! Congratulations to the manager, Fred Hight, for believing in the style of the silent owner - John Fornino.

SLICKS : For awhile, it looked as if this team had quagmired amid an oil spill before squeaking out an interesting victory in the Divisionals. No matter, they deserved their standing in the playoffs, but tanked in the big finale {his worst score of the year}. Holding the #1 PR for twelve consecutive weeks (86%) rivals Joe DiMaggio, but is that important? I expect great improvements next year from this class-act team.

LYCANTHROPES : OWWWWWCCCHHHH! George must feel like howling after losing three straight games with playoff implications. I truly expected better things with the star players he suckled close to his bosom. 1998 Baltimore Oriole Syndrome? Too much relaxation and overpriced attitudes?

NIGHTSHADE : The shades were drawn as they pulled themselves together climbing the ranks with detailed manuevering and a potent receiver corp. Too many pitfalls, however, showed the root of this team's problem - an average, point-scoring squad for 75% of the season (they never claimed the #1 division spot for even a week.)

DOOMSDAY : Your world has come crashing down. Judgement has been passed. You will not be making the playoffs. This feels like the 1970's and 80's when all those irritating, world-ending predictions were amusingly announced. Damn you Bill! You made me feel like a false prophet for lauding you! {ha,ha}


ROGUES : It's back to the shadows for you. All the stats point to a dark season in which he never quite found his balance.
Perhaps a few steals at next years draft could put some life into this franchise.

FRANKFORT FLASH : Flash in the pan?? A bad finish supported with the 3rd worst point production {90.5} in the league. Brett Favre really needed a supporting cast this year and you just can't depend on the New York Giants for that.

MARLBORO MEN : A 4-0 run to end the schedule secured a title for the biggest thorn in the side of the whole league. He beat the Nightshade for the Division title by 6 Head to Head points! Was this done with smoke & mirrors? Can't much argue with any of it; they obviously won the most important key games and can now enjoy a postseason cigarette.

X-MEN : The lack of attention to the team's delicate upkeep has come back to bite them. Too many ineffectual players repeatedly thrown back onto the field after many indications they weren't doing their job. Did the owner care about these countless holes? Perhaps it was to just too much work to patch up this lost season.
1999 Draft Hint: Take Superman first round. You won't be sorry.

COUNTRY BEAVERS : These hillbillies have been in dead last in their division 93% of the season (13 weeks). I wouldn't blame Fred if he cast this franchise away and remanaged the F-JETS from here on out.
At least a nice feeling can be had for defending a league title instead of the interbreeding roster he currently has.

THUNDER : I think Lake Ontario is a great place to scatter the ashes.

GOLF: A good walk spoiled {Twain}

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