SHWIINGS : It's been accomplished! The Alltime Points Record {1758} posted by Tom Gallagher and held by Joe Mancuso for nine years has been toppled! This lethal team had a shot at becoming the Best Ever {currently ranks # 8 Alltime}, but sadly fell short again in the playoffs against a franchise TGAL usually dominates. To date, this franchise ranks # 2 Alltime and has accrued many accolades, but has never realized a Championship. Tom has been the best drafter this league has ever had, but will he ever truly win what matters most? I really cannot see what else he can possibly do, but lay the pipe to lady luck and make her happy?

ADIRONDACK WOLVES : The wildstreak hunt in Hawkin's team took over and jumped upon their prey in the playoffs! Two Championships in three years makes this franchise the most feared bastards in the league once they get focused. The owners thought Jim did enough to survive and voted him a Manager Of The Year Award as well. The monies earned thus far to date ranks # 2 on the Alltime profiteer chart. Saying goodbye to Brady may be hard, but with Chris Johnson ready to take the reins as franchise gold, you have to be nervous about getting in this guys way in 2010.

BIG DOG EXPRESS : Chuck's traditional bounce between 7 and 10 win seasons every other year continued the pattern strong this season. The doggie train's chug to the playoffs ran flat with a 2-5 second half collapse and all the bark that Chuck likes to give held no bite. Still, he ranks as the # 3 Alltime Franchise and has expressed that his only hurdle in fantasy sports was to win this league Championship. With another ten wins predicted in 2010, it might be a Best In Show appearance for Mr. "Name The Pro Player's Alumni" {a favorite game of his}.

LADYBUGS: This girl seems to demand respect yet she is always left off the grand stage. A .500 finish shows that she may have been unfocused this year, but I also hear she is going to step up her game in 2010. Can a lady actually make the playoffs or will three years of emotional heartache be her last calling card?

NASTY NATES: As predicted, "talking in third-person" guy won the ROY without a struggle and threatened to go knee-deep into the playoffs with a talented West Coast squad. Of course this system, being unpredictable week to week, failed to garner more than an average season, but I know there is more inspiration in this kid when he heads into his sophmore year. Let's hope he can back up his controversial rants with more than just a few explosive point weeks.

ASSASSINS : The long-awaited Assassins Creed 2 title defense fell just a little bit short, but putting up consecutive winning seasons isn't too shabby. Jim ranks # 4 in Draftday quality selections and # 8 Best Franchises after just two seasons! This man stalks the mighty lands of fantasy looking for the next opportunity to strike once again and almost did it in the Post League Tourney. If he is in your division in 2010, make sure your back isn't turned.


LYCANTHROPES : George has finally caught up to his brother in playoff appearances {5} and has secured a second place tie with that accomplishment with his last division title. We thought we would see him move on to the FantasyBowl, but that weird NFL scoring mishap thwarted his hopes. Nevertheless, Geo captured both his 2nd PostLeague tournament and COY award and moves into third place on the Alltime money list. It seems that George's achilles heel is his inability to score a consistent amount of points from year to year. This would explain his very slow rise in the Best Franchises department {peaking in at #7}.

NIGHTSHADE : Talk about getting your act together! What great heart to go 7-2 the last half of the season and beating two of your greatest nemesis in playoff games in weeks # 14-15. Not much talent shined on the roster except DeSean Jackson, but the man's managerial style definitely sports why he Ranks # 1 in Best Franchises in history {without a close second in threat}.

CHARLESTON BRUISERS: Pretty much a wasted opportunity to show what you can do in this league. I won't invest too many more words on this kid other than to throw his ass out {if he hasn't already quit} and be replaced with a couple owners looking to make their strong mark in 2010.

NEWPORT JAZZ : Second halfs have always been good to Mike {8-6}, but he can't seem to get out of the gates with any spirit. He is left to smoozle his way into respectability with nothing on the line unless flirting with Best Game occasionally. "Ev-ery-bod-y wants to rule the world." Does this franchise? He better cry some tears and show no fears moving into next season.

SLICKS : Again, it seems Tommyboy is on the outs and lost his winning style that marked the early days of the league. He is dead last on the Money List Earnings chart and I don't think he has found a way to ooze his way back into contention. I think he should take some advice from the nasty oil spill that is reeking havoc on the Gulf stream basin this spring.

GHOSTS : Rough outing this year by our favorite ghastly contender. I had counted on him for a few more wins...didn't you?

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