BIG DOG EXPRESS : As predicted, Chuck thought he would have a rough time in the playoffs and he was thus outmaneuvered by a dark foe playing his absolute best when it mattered the most. Still, Chuck has risen from the ranks of great owners and established himself as the 4th Best Franchise Ever in as many years. He is definitely poised to gain this elusive title any day now and will come barking back with extreme proclivity. You can set your watch to it.

ASSASSINS : The amazing is happening. This is the third rookie owner in a row to capture the Championship and I see no signs of it ending! AHHHHH!!!! Whew, now that I got a hold of myself I can gladly say that Jimmy Gray has elevated himself already into the fantasy elite with ROY, MOY awards to boot. Asked for a statement on his rapid success he responded " As long as I beat Chuck." Ha, ha, ha.....Yeah, most people have that on their agenda.

LADYBUGS : This was certainly a painful year for a rookie to be recognized if they weren't the Assassins, but Kathy made a name for herself nonetheless. I'll try not to place importance on gender, but she has already beaten out 24 past male owners in managerial performance and overall sophisticated style. Perhaps it's a different perspective to player talents and the easygoing attitude, I don't know, but I will say this; despite her moniker, at least she doesn't "bug" the commissioner.

PHANTOMS : After Greg's expulsion {Part 2}, this team was on the auction block to all current nonowners at a fair price. There were a few people who wanted a shot at the league, but never did anyone seriously commit {We are even talking the rumored combined duo of Joe Mancuso and Fred Hight; two former MOYS/Title holders}. This marked the first time ever a Ghost team reached the playoffs and, to many garnered opinions, hopefully the last.

SHWIINGS : With one of the tightest races for the wildcard in league history, T-Gal got the nod from the gods if only to make up for his unlucky misfortune last season. Alas, he wasn't as strong this time around however, but I do notice that he now rates 6th Alltime Franchise after three years. Pretty damn good, but something has got to give here. How could this guy never claim a title even within his own league? Is he the Phil Mickelson of the Fantasy Football World? {Pre-2007}.

SLICKS : A definite deserved Comeback Owner Of The Year award. His gangfight in the midst of a rainy Autumn Division against the Socs wasn't to have a grand outcome as his Macchio-esque players got bloodied by the park central fountain. I have to add that Tom has officially moved past JO-T.B. to become the 2nd Best Franchise ever.
Congratulations for keeping your nose to the grindstone!


NIGHTSHADE : After a dismally stale two seasons, this owner still captures Best Franchise by a huge margin. Perhaps that is the way it's supposed to be forever, but what isn't for certain is another Championship in the books. With the average owner winning a title every dozen years, can Alan defy the odds by winning it all in 2009 and truly justify his franchise standing? We shall see.

LYCANTHROPES : One of the worst seasons on his personal record just recorded, Geo still has 8th Best Franchise overall and has a major silver bullet in his chamber for 2009 ~ Adrian Peterson. With All-Day in the final year of his contract, can Geo be the only holder of three Championship Crowns? This is the year to do it if he is worth his salt, for it's all downhill from there.

COLTS : When faced with a losing proposition, this owner bailed, literally. He moved away to Florida adding that this league was interesting, but realized there was "no money to be made". I think that is what separates fantastic owners from the run-of-the-mill. It's not about moneymaking. A true owner develops their identity on what they bring to the table win or lose any given year. I guess we found out that these guntoters were opportunistic and headed, I mean south to claim easier gold elsewhere.

ADIRONDACK WOLVES : With staunch delinquency facing this once grand owner, Hawkins paid his debts to society and has come home to the den to get ready for Tom Brady's siren song. Who are these mysterious wolves anyway? Can they function only as a group and are scattered during controversy? Are we all too quick to judge based on one lonely, wandering season? I thing the rubber year {2009} will decide the true nature of what this franchise is all about.

GHOSTS : This little guy frolicked with the other lowly spirits in the Twilight Division and seemed to suck the lifeforce out of all involved. BOO!!!! hoo.

HURRYING HOOSIERS : There have been a handful of owners who bailed out on their teams when times were tough, but it takes balls and guts to admit it. Matt apologized for his lackluster failure at capturing the intricacies of the league and, after a commissioner pardon for 2009, this kid turns around and abandons the league yet again. Matt is too unreliable a person to function in a league that requires astute accountability and he has therefore been exiled from future membership.
See how I hurried his ass on out of here?

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't - you're right. {Henry Ford}

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