SHWIINGS : I have truly witnessed the absolute worst luck to a genuine genius team in all my days. Second in Total Points in league history doesn't garner a playoff spot?! Well, the second hardest schedule in league history is the unfortunate reason why. Perhaps monetary returns {including Postseason league Championship} and his second Manager Of The Year nod in two years will tide this guy over until next season.

SLICKS : Another powerful team that was locked out of the postseason. Tom did everything right except win the matchups that mattered most... his division rivals. Big game pressure seems to thwart him as the past decade has shown him to have a pedestrian 29 -31 divisional record. I'm sure he'll call his gang together next year and figure out a way to "ponyboy" up.

PLAYMAKERS : Not a bad choice for this team to represent the division actually. He would have just been short statistically until Greg handed him the reins {due to financial delinquency.} Jason toys around with his lineups just enough to give him the edge; too bad he stuck with Team Seattle when he needed them the most. Also, there is the matter of blatant disregard for league ethical policies, but I'll make sure I'll end here on a positive note.

EXECUTIONERS : Wow! I am quite impressed. Being the worst franchise in league history can draw ill conceivance from even the most hearty onlookers. But Luke had managed to gather himself up for his first FantasyBowl challenge and overtake one of the more impressive teams we ever had {Shwiings}. Luke also registered one of the worst Title-in-hand collapses we have ever seen. Perhaps this is karma due to his immature tirades.

NEWPORT JAZZ : Mike never quite got it together to make a playoff push, but there is something to be said for not showing up to the party drunk. A decent showing as a rookie, but let there be a firm warning to remain within your managerial boundaries. Trying to agitate owner uprisings with a pseudojudicial outlook will only lead to misery for all parties concerned.

ADIRONDACK WOLVES : And now for our guest of honor {who remained virtually nice the whole time!} Jim made a dazzling pick that carried him right to the Championship trophy and little needs to be said of the lead alpha male, Tom Brady. Helped by his son {Manager Jay}, this franchise continues the trend of rookie teams starting success right from the high peaks foundation. With a little more experience from both, perhaps the wealth can be spread throughout future rosters to maintain the consistency needed.


RIVER RATS : Best Game seems the only highlight to an otherwise dismal title defense. Joe seems to take things in stride so I suppose next year will be a true telling on where his prominence lies. Will Steven Jackson be given a chance to redeem himself?

LIGHTNING : After years of perpetual financial tardiness, the inevitable has occured. Greg has been thrown out of the league by the commissioner. Many chances have been squandered by this kid and one can only fear what problems my cousin will face in his real life. Noone with common sense gives up on two playoff team through lies, false promises of payment, and pathetic childlike threats & antics. He is a shell of the former champion owner he represented in 2004.

BIG DOG EXPRESS : Ouch! In a season of scandal, this was another dream lost as LT never lived up to last year's top billing. Chuck has the moxy to vy for the title any given year, but now he must go at it without his key ace he had been protecting his whole existence. Next year we will see if Chuck truly has what it takes to get to the promised land.

LYCANTHROPES : A dream year for George by all accounts; the fantasy Gods were definitely smiling down on his weak roster, lol. I thought it was going to be another 2001 situation, but alas, things tend to even out.

HERKIMITES : This guy was never able to learn his own personal boundaries and he was promptly expelled from the league following the SuperBowl based on insubordination {starting from draftday actually}. Overall though, he managed his lineup well, but was not able to put it together and truly threaten those teams around him with his mediocre talent.

NIGHTSHADE : A dark end to a black season of torment. Gauging in as the 7th worst record of alltime, this owner needs to mix together a fresh blend of players for draftday or face the crumblings of himself as the current leader of Best Franchise ever in the near distant future.

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