PLAYMAKERS : Plenty of accolades can be tossed upon this teams head based on such a productive year. The fear of Jason brought up such queries as " Who the hell were the fools that let this kid compile such a potent team?" Well, Beef wasn't the prime choice this year and fell short of many elite goals {points record/title}, but at least secondary numbers were tallied with style. Was the tunnel-visioned hold on the Stinger offense to blame?
Was it just that his players quit making plays that final month? I guess with the glorious rise of this franchise, a third season shall arrow the telling mark on how real the testostorone level expounds with Larry Johnson in a contract year.

NIGHTSHADE : One of the most celebrated managers in league history, Alan captured his 9th straight winning season and was part of the most thrilling moment this league ever encountered! Racked with anticipation, depression, and ecstacy that Monday night when Steven Jackson caught and scored a playoff clinching TD, he hoped this incredulous momentum would carry him through the postseason, but it wasn't to be. Once again, the spend-cash philosophy spelled some nice FA players {such as Colston & Wilkins}, but generally this does little to net respectable cashflow. Can't argue that concept with him though; he has earned the most money of any owner!

BIG DOG EXPRESS : LaDainian Tomlinson is simply the best fantasy player to ever exist. Put in the hands of a staunchly, knowledgeable owner and that becomes absolutely filthy illegal {and should be banned in at least 46 states}. Chuck is not only one of the franchises to be reckoned with based on pure competition, he also has the forethought in analyze his progression with LT2 in the next few years to come. I can't say that much about most owners I know, but then again, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's focus on 2007 and see if Chuck was spending the past two years, as he puts it, "just warming up".

RIVER RATS : Joe is the Mohawk Valleys answer to Willard. Very, very sneaky my friend. Not flashy in most respects, but became the only pure rookie to ever win a championship in this league! What more can you ever ask for? You can shrug off all the sparkling numbers and rankings some owners harbor, but most judgement is reserved {deservedly or not} for titleholders. If you never have another shot, you still will rank among the elite and that is something to be cherished. With Steven Jackson coming back to you in 2007, I feel sorry for the others if you field any more of their draftday mistakes.

SLICKS : Well, the season did end in a deplorable crash for this young 'Rebel With A Cause'. Tom did everything in his handbook to bring this team back into the postseason, but sometimes the good die for no other reason but than to clear a path for other fameseekers. There is balance in the universe, I believe, and Tom will have another shot next year if he greases thoses axels just a touch more.

X-MEN : Wow, not the Dave I expected this year. He has truly lost his bearings on squeezing the most out of a brazen roster. Zero transactions have never translated into a successful playoff run and he should know better than that. Since Dave can still be credulous, I won't condemn him to a fixed fate, but all that I ask is that he stop being so sensitive to owners innocent jibes and have some fun. After all, that is truly what this experience is supposed to be about.


LIGHTNING : A different offensive approach.... and I like it. Michael Vick is never anyone's answer, but when you are desperate for some kind of playoff push, using Ron Mexico's legs can simply be the right thing to do. In fact, glimmers of hope rejuvenated Greg until the final moments this year and he held no prisoners up until the very end {even though Vick could still be one in the real world}.
Greg vows next year to continue that success and cater the schemes his way.

B.A.'S BAD BOYS : Yeah Murdock, the teams name says it all and somehow I feel the moniker also implies some kind of additional gayness {but that's just my field interpretation}. I just don't understand the trade manuevers enacted; were you trying to save FACE? At least you didn't land squarely on it, but I caution that you pay closer attention to player injuries and available free agents. I doubt you'll get an easier opportunity to capture a division title as you had this year.

LYCANTHROPES : Yes, George was off-kilter all year right from the opening moments of the draft when he was caught redhanded {or red-egged} with the star. He also was the worst defender of a championship title we've ever had. Maybe winning the inaugural Postseason League is a nice show of something good for 2007. Will Shaun Alexander lead the way or is Geo about to embark on a new agenda for the upcoming year?

EXECUTIONERS : 4th straight losing season. Perhaps you'll wonder how that Clinton Portis fiasco cuts into you in the offseason {how dare you bet against me when I have Frank Gore}. The change of city {Charlotte} should be nice for Luke, but remember that things usually grow worse with a relocation. I never expected him to be another "John Hanlon type", but he must show everyone that he's not preordained to that type of nasty fate. So far, so bad.

PHANTOMS : A 7-7 record and a threat to everyone in the final weeks? Come on! Is that the answer? To not change your team in any way/shape/form and let the roster play out unmolested?
Wait, Dave Lovic already tried that. Nevermind.

GHOSTS : Wow, you provided no competition to thin out this years weak herd. I sure hope you guys don't come back next year.

Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at. {Goethe}

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