Joe DeAngelo ILION, N.Y.

Joe DeAngelo ILION, N.Y.

1 0 - 6

1 6 0 5 ** 1 0 0.3

Defeated Big Dog Express 1 1 4 - 1 0 5

Steven Jackson

" First of all, I'd like to thank Chuck and Alan for getting me into the league. I had a good feeling about all this especially after the draft when I looked my roster over. I started the month off right by winning the first four games, but I struggled a bit in October. I turned it up in the last half of the year when it counted. My success was due to capitalizing on bad draftday mistakes, free agent pool, and just dumb luck. I can always say that I am the only true rookie ever to make a name for myself with a championship. I may seem to some that I wasn't too powerful, but I look to prove the naysayers wrong with a strong run at the title in 2007."
~ Joe DeAngelo

1 Joe, you have been the only rookie owner in a noninaugural year to capture a championship title.
In your best words, please describe how you perceived the 2006 campaign.
Uh, all-in-all it was a great season. I came out strong {4-0}. We encountered a few quarterback problems, but I stuck with the guy {Eli Manning} and that was all I needed.
2 The Steven Jackson TD on Monday Night Week # 14 was rated the BEST moment in the nine year history of our league's classic highlights. Please describe how you felt when this thrilling moment/night was taking place.
First of all, I want to thank the person who dropped Steven Jackson last year at the draft {Executioners}. That was the greatest pickup for me; he was the best I've ever seen. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be this plaque right here. Undoubtedly, the MVP of my team.
3 Your friend Chuck Eaker, a mentoring correspondant that brought you into the league, was very proud of your accomplishment. He has said on many occassions that he could never beat you. In fact, factoring a foreign league into the equation, you have beat him five straight times. How do you see all this as I present these facts & opinions regarding your historic year?
Um, I do want to thank you for letting me into the league that's for sure. I did have some good luck against Chuck this year. When I hang out with him, I listen to what's he talking about and it helps me out a little. I think I get a few pointers about strategy. It probably worked against him in the Fantasybowl and I'm glad I got to play him.
4 You live in Ilion, NY. Describe your life on a daily basis and give the rest of the league a little insight on what your routine is like. What do you do for leisure?
I'm a hardworking guy {laughs}. I work for Northern Safety in their warehouse. On my offtime, I like to golf and shoot about average {80s-90s}. I'm not the greatest.
5 You certainly had a hell of a payday. How do you plan to spend your championship winnings!?
I'm going to gamble it away, baby! I'm going to the casino baby, let's go. Texas Hold-em! {heavy laughter}
Maybe a bad move.