George LaPorte * Newport, N.Y.

George LaPorte * Newport, N.Y.

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Defeated the Rogues 1 3 6 - 9 3

Shaun Alexander

"Since my championship victory, I already have budding interest this spring about getting back into fantasy football in the fall. I guess success breeds interest! My condolences to Tim Seymour. I'm so lucky that he didn't have that chance to franchise Shaun Alexander. I'm just so excited about having a key player that can give my own franchise a quality future."
* George LaPorte *

1 George, what an incredible accomplishment you've achieved! You compiled the 3rd Best Team in league history!
How have you made this 2005 team so special?
Well, when I first headed into the draft, I was methodically calculating all the top players that were on the board and picturing what scenario I would face, depending on my draft position. Of course, LaDainian (Tomlinson) was top man, but instead of taking Priest with the next pick, I went with Shaun Alexander because Holmes was an injury risk. My ability to manage more quality players, due to the "ten team" situation, made my life easier. When my star players like Chad Johnson had a bad week, you had players like Plaxico step up. It was like that all year for me.
Everyone played hard and got that victory when they needed too.
2 This is your second championship title! Only the F-Jets, long-since retired, has the deuce along with you.
How do you compare this title to the one in 2001, and how do you plan your future successes?
Yeah, I think my first championship was lucky. I came out of nowhere and surprised everybody {PWR #8}.
My 2001 squad never had a superstar that I could rely on like I can now with Alexander. But unlike 2001, I definitely deserved it this year, because there was so much talent to contend with. If the league moves back to twelve owners, maintaining success will be a little harder, but at least I'll be strong enough to defend this time around.
3 I'd like to get serious for a moment (lights dim slowly). As an interviewer, I'm inclined to relate to fans more of your personal life and have them know the real George. In the summer of 2004, you ran into a personal crisis. Do you care to relate what befell you, and how you are overcoming your problems, or is this just to early to deal with right now? (spotlight shines on George's head.)
Um well, if I had to say anything about it, I'd first state that I am recovering quite well. I'm enrolled in college at HCCC. I take a few courses online as well as attend the school. I still have a lot of struggles ahead, but my nervous/stress condition has improved greatly from that summer. I just couldn't deal with the day-to-day issues of life anymore. It was just too much to handle, and I needed a break. I guess it has to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain, and it is something I have to deal with now. I'm improving slowly, but I'm feeling great!
4 So you are going to HCCC?That is my alma mater in which I graduated myself in 1994! You told me once before that you had a passion for independant film production. You had wanted to attend school for acting as well. Are these studies what you plan to pursue in life, or is it just a hobby?
At HCCC, I'm dealing with electives in Liberal Arts/Sciences. My friend Scott and I are trying to write stories/screenplays and want to purchase a DC Camera so we could transform that into film. We are coming up with apocolyptic ideas, and I am writing an interesting story about the world transformed into the male race because women have developed birthing problems.
My idea seems fresh, but for the moment I am in limbo. I am just gathering ideas to garner for the future.
5 Unfortunately, your grandmother Durkee passed away over the winter. I am sorry to hear that. You've gained a nice inheritance, however.
Coupled with your championship money, what's in store for your financial future?
Well, I have put 2K into savings and another 2K into CDs. I plan to turn this over when they mature to develop a nice investment. Part of my other money is being used for a deductible to repair my car. I was out near the University Of Rochester, and I rear-ended a Chevy Cavalier while I was looking at roadmaps. No damage to the other car but mine was quite extensive. Besides that, I still have a little cash to spend (sly smile.)

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