Gregory Paul LaPorte
Herkimer, N.Y.

Gregory Paul LaPorte
Herkimer, N.Y.

1 1 - 5

1 8 6 7 ** 1 1 6.7

Defeated the NIGHTSHADE 1 2 6 - 1 2 1

Muhsin Muhammad

" Wow! I can't believe I finally made the playoffs! The 2004 Title was just the cherry on top of my victory sundae. I couldn't have asked for much more out of my team this season. I feel as though I played in the toughest division all season long and remained on the top for a good part of it. This proved to me that I was finally ready to claim my spot alongside the rest of my cousins who reminded me last year that I didn't have a championship yet. Knocking down the Nightshade in FantasyBowl 7 was probably the single most exciting event of my fantasy football career.
I can't imagine how I'm going to top that in 2005!"
* Greg LaPorte *

The Lightning is a yellow fork
From tables in the sky
By inadvertent fingers dropt
The awful cutlery

Of mansions never quite disclosed
And never quite concealed
The Apparatus of the Dark
To ignorance revealed.
~ Emily Dickinson ~

1 Hello there cousin. Congratulations on a hard-fought FantasyBowl; the closest any two competitors had ever faced. I want you to reminesce back to our grandfathers funeral last February and remember the kidding George, Tom, and I gave you about not being worthy enough to be in our presence because you never won a championship. Man, you must be very proud of yourself accomplishing something that we all had previously enjoyed!!
How strong was your ambition to win that most-coveted Title?
Okay, the first year {2002} I was into it 100%, but I didn't know much about fantasy football. I sort of winged it and saw myself barely miss the playoffs. I lost to the friggin' Ghost Team! The second year I analyzed the stats better, but my team was injury-prone. I had a strong draft, I remember, but really had no superstars. This final year, I had the best draft imaginable. I knew right away once leaving the drafting table that I had one of the best teams out there and knew I'd be in the FantasyBowl in 2004!
2 I realize that you selected Muhsin Muhammad as the league's MVP, but I am very curious to know how you valued your tight end Randy McMichael. I know for a fact he singlehandedly won three games for you during the season. When you needed 15 points to beat your opponent, he came through and always gave you a couple points better!
Once Ricky Williams decided to quit football, I knew that Randy would be the focal point of Miami's offense, because they also lacked a passing game. I didn't quite know if he would score touchdowns, but he would accumulate a ton of yardage to be sure. The reason why I chose Muhsin was because he was the strongest player that I had in the second half of the season. Without him, I wouldn't have won anything. I got him out of the free agent pool and he sparked my team to a higher glory.
3 Besides you and I both holding a league fantasy championship, we also share another important thing in common: we are both commissioners! I am interested to know how you like your job as kingpin in your own internet league when I heard you faced constant problems from ungrateful owners bent on dethroning you. Do you feel it is all worth it when you face such needless scrutiny?
Well, we seem to both face problem owners because they try to change the rules that were already established before the season began. I love my commissioner job as well as being an owner and am glad I can do both! I like the control over how my league runs and doing the weekly writeups and I also seem to think that we both manage our leagues fairly well!
4 You have had many great memories in such a special year. If you were to select just one, what would it be?
I was sitting at the table in my apartment that Sunday Night when all I had left to beat you for the FantasyBowl was Randy McMichael. I wasn't really paying attention to the television, but a couple of my other friends were. As I sat drinking, they were all yelling " He's in motion! He's in motion! All he needs is one more catch!" I ran to the tv and saw Randy catch a ball as he raced for the sidelines. Everyone was jumping up and down " You won!!!" {laughs}
I even got a call from the Aliens moments later congratulating me for stopping you from repeating. After that, I went out drinking all night!
5 As I interview you now, you are down in Florida on an internship from a reputable school you've attended in New York City this year. Tell everyone about your future career and what you hope to accomplish someday.
In about four or five years, I plan to open up my own restaurant. I graduate from the prestigious Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park in January 2006. Right now, I live down in Sailfish Point ~ Hutchinson Island where I prepare meals in a gated community. I thought about this career three years ago after I disliked my other exploit in graphic design. Wait until I host our DraftDay in a couple years; I'll set up a buffet like you all wouldn't believe!!