Alan Frederick Hight
Rochester (Northern Greece), N.Y.

Alan Frederick Hight
Rochester {Northern Greece}, N.Y.

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1 8 0 2 * 1 1 2.6

Defeated the LYCANTHROPES * 8 6 - 8 0

Ahman Green

"I am very honored to finally be a part of this glorious fraternity of champions. This victory is so sweet. I cannot begin to explain how I envisioned this moment ever since I started playing fantasy football. This is what I always longed for, and I earned it! I can forever hold my head high and remember this year as my finest mark ever."
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1 FRED HIGHT {I}: Now that you finally won a championship in the league you created, how does it make you feel?
When I first got into fantasy football back in 1997, I had wanted to create a league where all my family and friends could unite to have fun and compete with one another while watching our favorite television sport. This concept has come so far from those early days and what I had first envisioned. It makes me so happy and proud that this league is an astounding success. Whether I won this championship now or in the 90's does not matter.
The fact that I won at least once does!
2 FRED HIGHT {II}: How does your first championship compare to all the other things that you have accomplished in 2003?
I have had such a profound year that I can joyously revel at the goals I had accomplished. I ran the Utica Boilermaker, completed my 9-year odyssey of climbing the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks, I have gone horseback riding, and winning the Championship Title was the crown jewel in such a wondrous year. I look forward to 2004 and accomplishing more chartered ambitions in my life.
3 JOE MANCUSO {III}: I would first like to congratulate you on winning FantasyBowl VI. What has amazed me most is that you won it ALL this year basically without a QB! You didn't even draft one until the later rounds and then you started six quarterbacks during the season! I went through our archives and one thing the previous champions had in common was that they basically had one QB that was pretty much their top player/scorer.
I now have two questions:
(a) What led you to protect (Clinton) Portis instead of (Donovan) McNabb and
(b) Did you believe without a proven QB, a consistent week-to-week scorer, you could make it to the 'big game', let alone win it? Do you believe you've set a precedent for future drafts? I know that I, for one, will change my preparation and priorities in preparing for DraftDay # 7.
Well, it was pretty hilarious that my first QB wasn't taken until the 10th round! I had originally planned to get one in round 5, but after McNair, Aaron Brooks, and Hasselbeck were snatched away, I cared less and less about how central a figure my quarterback would be. Running Backs are the way to go if you are going to have a winning season; I don't care what other strategy you have. If you think you can chance away RB's with prime receivers or QB, you are sadly mistaken. Clinton Portis was certainly the explosive player I intended to harbor and carry my team to the postseason. My QB situation was certainly a sad circus, and the only one that I could say who earned my respect was Doug Flutie (who coincidentally was my best QB pickup in 1998). As far as setting precedents, I don't exactly stick to the same plan every year. I mix it up mostly in the middle rounds, depending on who is potent right then. If you intend to follow my lead based on last year's standards, you're likely to get hammered. Just ask Greg LaPorte (picking up McNabb).
4 GEORGE LaPORTE {IV}: What were the key components in putting together your championship season (2nd best in history)?
My two running backs (Portis and Ahman) were the best I have ever had. In fact, they were the best pair on any team that ever existed. Both averaged over 20 points/week, and they drove my ship the entire season. Another aspect I'd like to give credit to was the New England Defense. They were outstanding and were also the best I've ever had. With these three positions dominating, and a great supporting cast around them {save QB}, I was assured a position in this year's FantasyBowl (so glad I finally won, ha, ha.)
5 THOMAS LaPORTE {V}: It was a long time coming for your first championship. Now that you won it, do you feel like you deserved it sooner, or are you happy that you won it at all?
It's funny that you should ask that question. I definitely felt I deserved it sooner because I was favored when your team beat me last year, and I have been to six postseasons in a row now. All that hard work seemed squandered by raw luck and bad timing. Who really knows how many chances someone has to go to the big dance in their fantasy career. Maybe never and that realization gave me heartbreak when I couldn't capitalize. Now that I won, I will always cherish this moment in time. I will always remember Ahman Green taking a pitch-out on the 7-yard line and running left into the endzone to seal my championship! If it wasn't for that, I'd have lost another title shot by 1 yard! The demons are at rest, and I will smile easy the remainder of my illustrious can be sure of that!

7 6.5%