Thomas LaPorte West Canada, N.Y.

Thomas LaPorte West Canada, N.Y.

9 - 7

1 7 8 7 ** 1 1 1.7

Defeated the NIGHTSHADE 1 1 1 - 6 5

Ricky Williams

" Basically, it was another enjoyable season. Not exactly my most prominent, but victorious at that.
It finally feels good to dominate the playoffs and win the Fantasybowl."
~ Tom LaPorte

1 Your FantasyBowl Championship completes a Trifecta of FFL titles captured in the LaPorte household. Your father, Mike, won in a foreign league in 1999, George last year, and now you! What do you have to say to all this?! Are you part of a conglomerate of innate talent?!
Since there are three people in the household playing fantasy football, we work off eachother with the same stats and reserve lists. So the outcome is generally the same.
2 Statistically, you are the 4th best franchise in Fantasy Football League history. How do you account for this? Explain your drafting strategies each year and how you view the "good season/bad season" thread that has occured. According to this trend, you are due for a down year in 2003.
There is a lot of luck in fantasy football, especially this year. I have the same strategies going every time I play; seeking draftboard value over concentrating on certain positions. It's not like I "half-fast it" some years; I apply the same effort. Where I may have a fluctuating trend, others may try just as hard, but continually fall short.
Luck is the main thing. In 1999, Terrell Davis was unlucky for me by going down in the 4th game after I had protected him. Those are the things you have to deal with some years.
3 Peyton Manning has been the 'Slicks' Field General for the last four seasons. You are the only owner to qualify a player for a franchise tag. You have a major decision to make that can greatly effect the strength of next season's team. What are your future plans for Peyton, Ricky, or any other players you have in mind?
Yes, I do have a tough decision to make, but only one at that. I like Ricky Williams and he has finally found his niche in Miami where he won the rushing title. Peyton Manning posted low numbers and that signified an off-year. I like Williams a lot better right now than most backs so I may protect him. I'll come to my decision about franchising some time this summer.
4 Many people tend to categorize you with your twin brother, George, and vice-versa. What are the major differences and similarities between you and him?
Our styles of music are the same {R&B;Rap}, our movie and actor genres are similar {Chariots Of Fire; Anthony Hopkins}, as well as our life philosophies {Carpe Diem}. Our differences lie in relationships. With girls, George is more dismissive where I am more aware of their emotions and I have a lot more patience. He also is more organized than I am having a cleaner locker and room.
5 What are your plans for your Title money this year? Do you plan to take your hot girlfriend, Kaylee, on a "slick" date? We all want to know the sordid details, ha, ha.
Okay, here's the deal on that. I got into a minor car accident after the Christmas holiday and ended up hitting a guardrail during some bad winter weather. The estimated damage was $1300 and my mother made me pay $300 of that to the cost. She's crazy. The rest went to a promise ring I gave to Kaylee on our year anniversary yesterday {Feb. 15}. Things are going great right now even though I rebroke my wrist.