GEORGE LaPORTE * West Canada, N.Y.

1 1 - 5

1 5 3 3 * 9 5.8

Defeated the SHWIINGS * 1 0 6 - 8 7

Jeff Garcia

" I think our league scoring is good and this year was very unpredictable.
My division was a hard one and maybe my championship title was more surprising to some because of that.
If I had been in another division, perhaps I'd be more noticed because I'd win more often.
I guess it was a FULL moon this season!"

* George LaPorte *

1 Welcome to the spotlight, George! After all these years of struggling to make the postseason, how does it feel to win the championship when you weren't even confident that you would make the playoffs?
Well, I had faith in my starting guys, and I knew they'd come through for me. I just worked in and out of my injuries and went with it.
They all surprised me (Byron Chamberlain) and, in the playoffs, I got a good game from Testaverde and the Jets Offense.
2 Your brother Tom (Slicks) runs a pretty successful franchise, yet you struggle to make the postseason every year. Despite your lower ranking in Best Franchises, how do you see your accomplishments and yearly struggles?
Are they essentially the same, or did you do something different this year to change your team's direction?
Well, I think I always had a strong team, but I dealt with bad luck in past years with injuries and busts (Fred Taylor ~ 2001 1st pick.) My first year, I had Eddie George, and he didn't perform to his caliber. I pretty much had the same type of pickups and drops, and I stick by the same game plan.
Better players this year made the difference.
3 This year, unlike previous DraftDays, your father, Mike, selected your roster based on notes you had left him when it was announced that you would not be in attendance. Did his wisdom carry over into your transforming rise to fame, or was your talent choices the primary staple of your success?
What strategy percentage is actually your father's advice?
Well, I think my research before the season had begun was extensive, and I think I put certain players like Ahman Green and Jeff Garcia up above any of my other choices. My father is in-tune with fantasy football, and I think he had a good influential 40% on my team this year.
Other years, he has been a guiding light, and we pretty much agreed on all our past picks.
4 What are your teenage hobbies? Where does fantasy football rank among them? Does this championship make it more important a venture now that you've achieved your goal? In other words, are you going to try harder to keep your good standing, or are you settled on following your previous basic instincts?
Well, I have a lot of extracurricular activities in school which consist of drama, basketball, and soccer. I'm in jazz band and chorus as well. I like fantasy football a lot. I think it's definitely not a lot of work in comparison to my other hobbies. I am having fun while also achieving something (prestige). Before, I had nothing to lose, so if I failed, it didn't matter. I think now my moves will be more looked at, and I'm hoping to defend my title with an elite team next year.
5 How do you plan on celebrating your first Championship? Surely, this is the most money you've ever acquired at one time!
(George laughs) Well, I don't know. I haven't really been thinking about it (chuckles), but I definitely plan to pay off some debts (brother $8; mother $5).
The rest I'll save, but if I find anything along the way that really grabs me, I know I'll have the cash to spend.

6 1.1%