Joe Mancuso * Herkimer, N.Y.

1 4 - 2

1 9 4 1 * 1 2 1.3

Defeated the NIGHTSHADE * 1 0 7 - 9 3

Kurt Warner

"My goal this year was to score 100 points per week. You can't beat me without that.
I would like twelve active members next year.
I don't think anyone could win fourteen games again if everyone puts forth a good effort!"
* Joe Mancuso *

1 Joe, you have had quite an astonishing year; the best record and all-around points ever recorded! The 2000 JO-T.B. team is the best this league has ever experienced! What were the key ingredients in producing your first championship season in fantasy football?
Hmmm... Of course, protecting Kurt Warner was my best move. I think that Rob Smith had a career year, and the acquisitions of Tiki Barber and Chad Lewis were a plus.
2During the season, you did everything you could to prevent a three-peat by the Fornino Jets. You even announced it to Fred on Draft Day (soft chuckle).
What made this year so different than the other teams you had managed?
I had more top scorers at every position than before. The starting players were strong throughout my roster with no glaring weaknesses!
With Warner and Rob Smith, I was guaranteed at least 100 points every week.
3 You have played a very active role in making this league a success (rule enhancements, owner recruiting/encouragement.)
You speak often that fantasy football is fun for you. Highlight the keys that make this league so enjoyable.
It's not too complex. I like your league setup, and everyone has a great chance on DraftDay to have a winning team. The fees are reasonably-priced, and I don't think anyone has a worry about sinking big bucks into their team.
4 You have been infamous, ever since the inaugural season, for countless draft pool selections in order to bolster your team. Do you see that as a prime requisite for making the playoffs? Do you feel that other teams are doing themselves a disservice by not combing the waiver wire?
YES. So many players do not shine on DraftDay and seem underrated at the time. I spend at least an hour a night in general research to find these players.
If someone doesn't care about improving their team by doing something like that, I don't understand how they think to compete.
5 How do you plan on celebrating your first championship title? What are your plans in the off-season?
Cash this check Saturday, drink some beers, and hang my victory plaque. And as always, follow the ponies!

6 1.8%