John Fornino * Frankfort, N.Y.

Fred Hight * Frankfort, N.Y.

1 3 - 3

1 6 4 6 * 1 0 2.9

Defeated the NIGHTSHADE * 1 2 5 - 1 0 4

Marshall Faulk

"You are kidding! I can't believe it!! I won again!!!"
~ John Fornino

1 Once again, you sit before me; another FantasyBowl Title! This must seem incredible to you, Fred; almost like the Vince Lombardi Packers of yesteryear. In this latest draft, you did not select any NY Jets, and only picked up Ray Lucas off the waiver wire. Why the change in strategy?
A lot of the top Jet players were selected ahead of me before my turn. There were preseason injuries to their roster and not a lot of choices to choose from. I felt I needed to go in another direction.
2With the Jets, you've received 45% of the Manager Of The Year votes thus far in our two year history.
In the year of the injury, how difficult did you find it to manage this new team to a Championship?
Every week it seemed I was trying to grab players from the free agent pool for my lineup.
It seemed like a chore to constantly monitor this. I am just glad it all paid off.
3 Testaverde and Marshall Faulk have been outstanding for you. Are you thinking to resign one, pick up both, or considering another direction?
Marshall Faulk was the best player I have had in both football years. I definitely plan to sign him.
As far as Testaverde, I'd consider him, but will not necessarily make every opportunity to get him. If he is available, that is fine.
4 You have said quite often that you are having great fantasy luck. You seem to edge out people at the right times. Do you feel there is a mystique about your team? Do you feel a Three-Peat in the winds?
Nah, I think it's all just plain luck.
5 With fantasy football, strategy is often a twin brother to luck despite what you might feel otherwise. That said, would you ever consider bringing your talents, once again, to your own franchise like you once had with the Beavers? Perhaps you have learned strong lessons on how to run your own organization from your time with the Jets.
I really don't know. Like I have always said, I have a very difficult time with drafting. I do not look forward to doing it on a weekly basis like I had this year. For others, it might be fun, but it seems too much for me. I'll see how the JETS do next year and base my decisions upon that.