Alan Frederick Hight
Herkimer, N.Y.

Alan Frederick Hight
Herkimer, N.Y.

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2 1 1 3.6 * 1 3 2.1

Defeated WHITE DEATH 1 6 8.7 - 1 3 8.9

Matt Forte

"There is so much to say about achieving my third Championship Title. Choked up? Yes. I am immensely proud of that distinction because so many of my fellow owners wanted it. The best I can sum up is this clip (just pretend I am Rocky, Sean is Apollo, God is Himself, Mickey is the podcasters and that Adrian is you all!) ha, ha. Enjoy!"

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1 TOM GALLAGHER {XIII}: Congratulations Alan! You are the king of the mountain, top o' the heap, and A#1! You can now breathe and take this all in! You have won your third Championship! Of those three crowning years, how would you rank them in order of satisfaction?
I think I would choose this year. So much hard effort went into preparation for 2014. I left no room for luck to play a major factor and knew every nuance of all players every step of the way. I started in May and had participated in 60 mock drafts, listened to eight "expert" podcasts (totaling 28 hr episodes per week.) I chose this year because I far outperformed my other two title years in dedication and intensity. 2003 would be my second best because it was my first championship overall, and it was emotional. 2013 was a major upset in the playoffs which I enjoyed due to my excellent fantasy timing.
2 TOM GALLAGHER {XIV}: I know that you are an aspiring writer and have your first novel coming out next October, 2015.
Go ahead, and describe what is occurring with that.
(Alan beams) Yes, I am excited to get my writing career underway! I always had the talent and was writing little mini-books as a kid (plagiarized from famous movies with a twist.) Throughout the years, I had that nagging feeling I wasn't fulfilling my passion. 2014 was such a down year for me that I turned to writing, because I had to start manufacturing money and not relying on employers for a job in a market I couldn't control. I needed to create my own employment, so now I have my manuscript halfway finished and my book cover completed (see League Photo Album.) I am currently finding a professional editor, beta readers, and formulating a major launch party! I hope my fellow owners will support me with a purchase and joining my booklist!
3JIM GRAY {XV}: Congratulations, Alan, on your third Championship! Your league is very special; I have been in quite a few others, and there is nothing like yours. Tell me how you thought of all these concepts (schemes, historical specificities), and why they came about?
I always wanted to join fantasy football, but when Tom Gallagher's league had no availability in 1997, I joined a Dick's Sporting Goods league out in Rochester where I worked. I was only there one year (going 2-13) and saw promise on how to enhance their league rulebook. They had three offensive schemes and a limited Team Offense (which was rare in itself back then), but I found a way to elaborate upon them and create a better version for my own FF league. By 2004, I had ten applicable offensive schemes and a revitalized scoring system. My league has grown ever since and incorporated a Hall Of Fame to constantly reward owners for current and past accomplishments while adding a touch of nostalgia and bar room bragging fodder! Suicide & Winter Tournament contests are fun too!
4 TOM GALLAGHER {f-XXVIII}: You have been commissioner for a long time now (17 years), and the website is your baby. You put in a lot of care into maintaining it and setting a high standard of cooperation and excellence. I know you have been frustrated with nonparticipating owners to a point where you have thought about dissolving the league. How do you respond to this problem? I am going to give you a chance to vent!
I suppose I view fantasy owners as one would the bell-curve of life. You have a few excellent owners on one end and horrible owners on the other; owners who do their homework and those that just "wing it". In the middle, you have your casual owner which is pretty self-serving, yet happy to play the game. I have 7-8 awesome owners who have really elevated our fantasy league. Yet, there is a constant turnover at the bottom portion of those who simply don't give a crap on what I have to say and refuse to buy into the league philosophy. This league is not good for plug-n-play owners, and that is why there is a higher turnover ratio. I was hurt after I won the championship this year and only 50% of our owners congratulated me. I put all that hard work in as an owner only to hear mostly silence. Where was the celebrations? ha, ha.
I'll try not to take it personally, but at the same time, we need to have people with a sense of camaraderie and the respect to give to their fellow owners.
5GEORGE LAPORTE {FBs3}: I see that Matt Forte was named League MVP because he was the most instrumental player in starting this incredible dynasty run for you. I want to know for 2014, however, what player was the most influential in getting you a third championship? Was it a favorite drafted player? Someone off the waiver wire?
Matt Forte was the centerpiece to my franchise the last two years. Without him, I could not have ran the offensive schemes I intended. Before I announce that player, I'll start with the Honorable Mentions: Odell Beckham Jr. was the second best WR in fantasy from October onward; best TD catch in history? I was amazed my study paid off and was able to claim him unawares on a Saturday afternoon (BTW that same Saturday, Greg ran out of gas on the 5S, and I had to rescue him. ha, ha.) But the best person to provide my fantasy title was Tony Romo. Experts say he was the Best QB in Fantasy Football from Week 5 onward and that explosion in my FantasyBowl is what did me proud! Great value in Round 8, huh?

5 3.5%