Alan Frederick Hight
Baldwinsville [Radisson], N.Y.

Alan Frederick Hight
Baldwinsville [Radisson], N.Y.

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Seattle Seahawk Team Defense

" That was amaaaaazing! I put myself in position to win, and it became legitimized. I did a little research on my history of FantasyBowls, and I learned that of the eight that I have played, I was favored in three contests. Thus, I earned the mathematical right to three championship titles in our sixteen years of existence, but I have found a way to lose most of them until this year! Ha, Ha. Luke's team was a juggernaut, and I was lucky enough to share the stage on the most important game of the year. This was statistically the weakest team I had managed to the FantasyBowl and the fates finally gave me that much-needed break. Thank you all for a wonderful season! I will hold that trophy on high! "
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1 GREG LaPORTE {VII}: First off, congratulations on your 2nd championship! With all the competition this season, that was quite an achievement. What do you think were the most crucial transactions you made during the season that helped you bounce back from a lousy draft?
Do you feel trading away Knowshown Moreno hurt your team at all?
Thanks cousin. I thought you were going to call me that night, but I know where your true allegiance lies! (smiles). I may have compounded my DraftDay problems by trading away the 5th best RB this year (Knowshon Moreno) for a damaged RG3. My thought process was that Knowshon is NOT a great runner, he's just in a great Denver system. When I saw the trio of Moreno, Ball, and Hillis playing rock/paper/scissors on the sideline for the rights to run-in a 1-yard TD, I was thinking "You GOT to be fucking kidding me. I am leaving my fantasy football chances up to these asses?" I immediately looked to sell-high and get in return an RG3 on the rise. I felt I needed to bolster my QB situation behind Jay Cutler. Little did I realize that RG3 was also a sell-high candidate. I did even matters out when I plucked Alshon Jeffrey from the waiver wire in Week # 5 (5th best WR October-December.). The additions of Joique Bell, Rashad Jennings, and Nick Novak made me on par with the rest of the elites, heading into the postseason.
I don't care what anyone says relating to Luke's MOY, I governed my team to this championship title more than I ever have in my life!
2 GEORGE LaPORTE {VIII}: You mentioned that this was your most fragile FantasyBowl team you ever fielded. If you could switch out this years' Championship Title in place of the second most powerful squad you ever had in 2004 that lost the FantasyBowl, would you do so?
Keep in mind that it was the 6th Best Team Ever also.
Wow Geo, that is a very tempting offer. I might have to think about it, because that would certainly make things right on a karmic level. My 2004 team definitely got the short end of it, that's for sure! Erasing Greg from the record books would be very satisfying, indeed. Luke deserved the title this year (3rd Best Team ever]) but I also think Greg deserves a title more than Luke in the general scheme of things. I am torn......(five minutes later)
Yes, I think I would pull that trigger on the 2004 Title even though that means suffering a continual nine-year drought (2005-2013)!
3 JIM HAWKINS {X}: Looking over your DraftDay this year, I noticed you had quite a few busts. How were you able to handle that kind of travesty to the players you relied on the most like Trent Richardson and David Wilson (1st & 3rd round picks respectively)?
I tell ya, it sure wasn't easy. I can manage with the best of them so I had that working on my side. I can overcome impossible odds and make myself competitive in any given year. I somehow felt that three strong RBs were going to push me through to a playoff bid, but when you have Trent giving me the 9th Worst Draft Pick in league history, I was forced to scramble big time. It didn't help that 2013 instituted a Silent Lotto Auction system. That meant I couldn't rely on outspending other owners for my roster needs, but left it more open to chance. Houston Offense in the 6th round was an unexpected disaster, but that was rectified with the NFL's #2 Offense in Philly in the 12th. An untrustworthy T.Y. Hilton as my # 1 WR? Eric Decker saved me in this arena by the stunning performances he had in the second half of the season. Josh McCown was outstanding as a backup, and the Seattle Seahawk Defense [my team & League MVP] was simply awesome for me. They tore Denver a new asshole in the Superbowl (ha,ha.)
4JIM GRAY {XII}: As you said, Luke was a powerhouse, and you did manage your way to victory. I was unlucky to go up against Jamaal Charles and his five TD's. Is there anything in particular about how you manage that separates you from the rest of the owners?
Well, for one, I heard a past owner (Renegades) tell me that they ignore Placekickers and Team Offenses because they were "uninteresting." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. These are the positions that can win you games! There are a handful of kickers that can put up extreme points in the whole of the season, and they are being categorized as an afterthought? That's why John Hanlon owns the worst franchise that this league has ever had. I even hear these complaints by podcast fantasy "experts", and I think they are being quite ignorant. Second, owners are not utilizing offensive schemes that have been long overlooked and pimped up by the commissioner in the off-season. They are leaving precious points on the table. And last, I exert my influence on every phase of the managing game (Draftday, transactions, trade options, maximizing league perks such as quizzes & voting.) I see owners constantly relying on only Draftday to get them to the promised land, and that is ridiculous. Don't be afraid to spend a little money, guys! Do not scoff at commish mandates because it will end up costing you money in the long run anyway, and you'll endure years of mediocre squads. Ha, ha I didn't mean to rant, but you asked!
5JIM HAWKINS {XII}: According to the league statistics, you are the best franchise we have ever had.
If you are protecting Matt Forte, would that make you the best team to also secure THREE Championship Titles?
Man, we are all in quite a logjam with six of us standing at two titles apiece! Fornino's Jets are out of contention of course; they retired in 2000. The Shwiings [now Leprechauns], Assassins, Adk Wolves, and Lycanthropes are all Power Owners so that doesn't mean I have more of a shot at getting that coveted 3rd title than they do. Best Franchise owner means that I did more with my sixteen teams compared with the other owners over a longer course of time. Yes, with Matt Forte, I have a significant advantage in relation to other owners with two titles. Luke has Jamaal Charles and Tom LaPorte has a Franchised LeSean McCoy [(pretty damn scary), but they also aren't going to win three titles after this year, ha, ha.
So to answer your question, YES, I am the sole favorite to get the TREY!

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