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Drew Brees

I am very proud of my players for winning the league again. The final game versus the Lightning was hard-fought. Competing in a one-of-a-kind league against perennial powers like the ADK Wolves, Shwiings, and Nightshade is always a tough challenge. I hope to win more titles in the future.
* Jim Gray *

1Hey Jim! Welcome to the Title seat once again! You are the 5th franchise to acquire a 2nd Championship! What does being a part of these handful of owners mean to you?
It makes a statement. You really have to pay attention to the rules and various schemes that the other leagues just don't have. There is no basic thinking involved ; it's pure strategizing. I certainly did surprise myself that I was able to win a second time.
2Drew Brees is arguably the best player ever to be on a fantasy team short of Peyton Manning. Tell me the trials and tribulations of retaining a player of this caliber not to mention one of the best running backs in football. You will lose Arian Foster going into 2013. How are you going to defend this title?
I am lucky to have Drew Brees. He consistently carries a whole team and always ranges from 20-35 points weekly. Arian Foster has been up and down lately, so getting another back to replace him shouldn't be much of a problem.
3My uncle Patrick says that you are a soccer coach with him in Mohawk. Tell everyone why you decided to do this and explain the mindset for training a bunch of little girls.
I was always involved with soccer growing up. I got married and had a set of triplets [currently age 12] and thought I wanted to help out their soccer teams. Sometimes we are involved with indoor soccer as well as playing outside.
4 What are your personal hobbies and how successful were you as a wrestler in high school?
I was an okay wrestler; did so from pee wee to high school and maintained a .500 record. I won a few tournaments and used to beat up on the weaker guys, ha, ha. I also golf four or five times a summer. I love Syracuse basketball and go to a couple games a year.
5 Has the level of competition increased since you first won the title as a rookie in 2008? What do you think of the new owners that turn over at the bottom of the franchise heap?
Competition has increased a lot! The new owners probably have a hard time adjusting to the schemes that are involved, but nothing that should scare them off. I think you are a respectable commissioner and I look forward to more innocents you place before me!