Tom Gallagher Herkimer, N.Y.

Tom Gallagher Herkimer, N.Y.

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Defeated the Nightshade 1 2 2 - 1 1 9

Rob Gronkowski

" Wow, I can't believe it...I'm in the TWO-Timer club!! I'm very proud to join this exclusive group: Jets, Lycs, and Wolves. Thanks for havin' me! I also want to congratulate our esteemed commissioner on overseeing a great season and by beating the Nightshade [only 3 points away from having this championship himself!] That is tough, but what a competitor! The real winners are you Shwiing fans...(you know who you are). This was for you guys!! I got the best fans in the world. Lastly, I want to thank the Shwiing mascot: the lovely Jenny C.! She's not quite as Shwiingtastic these days like she was in the 90's, but who amongst us really are? "
* T-GAL *

1Thomas Gallagher! How does it feel to have the best Title Defense in history, not to mention the Alltime Season and Aggregate Points Record? I am simply astounded [commish slumps back in his chair with mild fatigue]. Of the two champion seasons, which are you most fond of? What could possibly be next for you...Best Team Ever like you wanted last year?
I feel awesome! I honestly didn't think it would happen when we were down at Stoney's and New England's Offense had that terrible first half. Then it came down to the last play Monday Night when Sproles caught that TD pass against me. I was so fortunate and happy that I beat Alan in the closest FantasyBowl in history. This Title was the most fulfilling because of all the lineup decisions I had to contend with this year. Right now, I think a third title would be next, because that would be a groundbreaking achievement in your league.
2 Many people [owners and fans alike] have asked me poignantly, ' How can T-Gal do this year after year? How can he break such records when countless seasoned owners are trying their hardest to even be recognized? Yet most fall short or have one year wonders?' Yes, they have said that verbatim.
[Tom laughs heartily] Part of it is my obsessive personality about preparation for the draft. I dissect every possible detail and make sure that I will have the top five players at each position. I think other owners may get hung up on the # 1 overall at any particular position, but I don't think that guarantees success. I hide this personality well and sometimes I even leave it up to the fantasy gods to show me what to do if I am stuck facing a particularly difficult opponent.
3 You made one of the most historic trades in our league chronicles by taking your team from a great squad to championship material. I say this because you have named Rob Gronkowski League MVP. Tell me first on how you got this trade accomplished and if you see the 'lower third of ownership' as a detriment to the league's competitive balance. As advice to the commissioner, should I hold these weaker owners more accountable with fines and possible league expulsions for such nonchalant in/actions?
That trade in itself wasn't a bad one. The Ladybugs' top player Jamaal Charles went down for the season and I quickly realized she needed a decent running back. At the time "Gronk" was good, but wasn't as great as he ended up being by years' end. I knew I could upgrade at the position and Kathy got back with me fairly quickly with an acceptance of Shonn Greene and Owen Daniels [wish I gave her Jermichael Finley, ha ha]. I wouldn't discredit her with a kneejerk reaction. What bothers me is when owners give up on submitting lineups when they fall out of playoff contention. Mike [aka Newport Jazz] got screwed out of a playoff spot and league money because an owner never submitted their lineup that final week.
4 Your father Bill Gallagher [B-Gal], passed away nearly two years ago. Tell me how this has affected you and relate the best memory you have of him regarding you two.
[With emotion] It has been ridiculously hard. I don't have one best memory, but I remember him as more than just a dad. He was my best friend and I consider him that to all of us [family]. He would always be there with us all to laugh, drink and share funny stories.
5 You seem not to plan a lot of detail to the year ahead, but tell your fans of any traditions that you may have with family and friends each year. Do you have any major trips in the near future you are looking forward to?
We just started a tradition in our family to rent a cabin in the Adirondacks, Old Forge [4th Lake area]. It's my family, along with Joe's, and Ann/Chris. We want that to last a lifetime and be passed down. Lisa is generally the travel coordinator. She selects a state each year and we try to get the family there over winter break. We have traveled many places particularly Texas, Florida, Chicago and California. Los Angeles was my favorite over San Diego because of the attractions.