Tom Gallagher * Herkimer, N.Y.

Tom Gallagher * Herkimer, N.Y.

1 4 - 2

1 9 1 9 * 1 1 6.9

Defeated the Newport Jazz 1 2 8 - 1 0 7

Michael Vick

"Whew, yay me! I have a mixed sense of joy and relief after missing out on the championship so many times and finally making it through. All four playoff teams were very tough this year, and I got fortunate with match-ups, etc. for things to go my way. Thank God the Giants and the Vikings put so much pressure on Vick and made him run all over the field. Hats off to the (Newport) Jazz who were on my ass all season right up until the FantasyBowl, as well as the Lycs, Slicks, and Assassins who were always in my rearview mirror pushing me for point total. Finally, I hope you will all buy my new book that reveals my DraftDay secrets titled:
Drink lots of beer and annoy the other owners during DraftDay with constant babble when it's not your turn to pick.
Thank You (points to heaven and makes some weird ghetto signs on chest.)"

* Tom Gallagher *

1T-GAAAAAAAL! tee tee, what can I say? Every year you bring a masterfully-crafted team to light, and this is evident by your constant assault on the league's historic records. With your long history of being slighted with a much-deserved championship title, how do you feel about your accomplishment, and what is the next best thing in this league you hold dear whether it be an accolade or treasured memory?
One of the things I look to accomplish is to become the Best Team Ever. Coming up short against JO-T.B.'s team makes me want to come back again to beat that record and strive to break the Aggregate Points mark as well. All I can do is give it my all each year. You really have no control though.
2 You are simply the greatest franchise this league has ever witnessed short of mine. Pound for pound, however, you may be the best. After winning both ROY & MOY in 2001, you took a six year sabbatical that may have stifled your chances for Best Franchise Ever. Can you explain your original interests in fantasy football, why you decided to leave and then return to the league, and what this all means to you today?
Initially, I never heard of fantasy football prior to 1994. I joined a four-man team in a league at work and every input I mentioned to improve our team wasn't listened to by another manager. I started my own in 1996. The sabbatical? After the falling out you and Joe had, I thought there would be repercussions from my brother if I stayed. After a few years though, I figured 'what the hell, it doesn't matter'. So I joined again when you asked me. Your league is quite unique and makes me focus harder than my own. The offensive schemes that I could employ to my players has me thinking each week on what is my best strategy. I also like the fact that we get to draft late in the preseason just before the official NFL games start.
3 In 2001, you made your presence known to all. In 2007, title hopes were crushed, facing the 3rd most brutal schedule ever. In 2008, you held at wonderful par. In 2009, possibly the greatest team ever on paper, you were upset in the divisional playoffs. In 2010, you overtook the competiton in the final two months. Other than my taglines to each season, what were your perceived differences in excellence and strategy on all the various teams you had?
In 2001, I had a good team, but I felt fortunate that I went as far as I did. In 2007, I drafted really well, and I didn't have to take too many chances. It seemed in the second half of the season, I was snakebit because I would put up a high score, and it seemed to be my opponents' best points week. In 2008, I won the wildcard and was good, but I felt I needed a little luck to beat the better teams and fell short. In 2009, I was the best team easily, and I really worked at making a championship run. Unfortunately, you caught me (Nightshade) when I thought for sure I put up a great game especially from Dallas Clark that Thursday night. I would have easily set the new mark in Aggregate Points too. In 2010, it all came together. I focused mainly on my two-TE sets, but midway through the season after Clark got injured, I had to focus more on Michael Vick who was (Kevin) Kolb's initial backup.
From there, I used the Scamp Scheme and hoped for the best.
4 You have a strong passion for music. I learned about your collections of LP's and was intrigued by all the artists that you follow in the past and the present. Explain you interests; your favorite genres, albums, concerts attended, etc., and if you have any musical talents, in particular.
My music interests stemmed from my parents love of music. The stereo would be playing all the time, especially at night when they would play groups such as the Doors. My favorite group of all-time is Queen. I saw them in 1980 before Freddie Mercury died. I skipped football practice to go to the concert, and the coach wasn't too happy to hear that..ha, ha. I also like Blue Rodeo which is a Canadian alternative country band.
I don't like jazz; (no offense to the Newport Jazz.)
5You are a Herkimer man and have been a friend to the LaPortes for years. Tell us about your career, family life, day-to-day activities and sole desire or goal you have for 2011.
I am a Physical Therapist in Utica. I love helping people, but after seventeen years, you can get burnt out. I am happily married for the past twenty years and have two kids ages eighteen & sixteen. I am usually checking in on ESPN at night, and I spend a lot of waking hours researching fantasy sports. I love the Colts and would put them ahead of all my own personal fantasy interests. On weekends, I love to play pickup basketball games or anything else athletic. In 2011? Hmmm....I haven't thought about it that much. I usually take things as they come.
My daughter Caity goes away to college so I'll be helping her get ready for that.

6 6.1%