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Defeated Nightshade 1 3 9 - 8 3

Chris Johnson

" First off, this championship is dedicated to my son. The way he fought his cancer was the true meaning of a champ. Faced it head-on; no bitching or "why me." I'd like to thank everyone in this great league; the competition is excellent. Always remember that the Wolves are hungry and their hunt will continue in 2010!
~ Jim Hawkins

1 Jim Hawkins! The beasts have been released yet again! Hey, I thought you were in Animal Control. What gives?! It's nice to see you return vital from that dreadful 2008 season in which you ranked # 8 in worst seasonal slides and third worst in Title Defense. Yet, you turned in the 3rd best Bounce Back season of all time and Rank # 11 in Best Franchises. Can you explain about that awful 2008 year?
In 2008, my sons' illness was tough and it was hard to concentrate on anything else. It was a bad year all around.
2 You have won your first Manager Of The Year award and did so by receiving the fewest percentage of the votes {36%} by an owner ever to receive one. Perhaps it was the two lineup submittal mishaps that stood out or maybe you really outperformed your fellow owners with a nasty wildcard team. Your son Jay wanted to stay out of the Wolves decision-mix in 2009. How do you feel about being recognized for such managerial greatness in this fashion?
It's an honor that other managers would vote for you, especially with the year the Shwiings put up and the seasons George and Alan had. To have the least amount of votes ever for MOY and beat out those managers an honor? Yes!!
3 You have become the third owner ever to win two Championships in this league. Is this better than the 2007 year led by Tom Brady? Is it the same feeling or can you describe other emotions on the issue? You seemed to had entered the year with a lot of conceived reservations.
Sweeter, but a lot less excitement than the first. Lady luck came through again in the divisional playoffs. {Kurt Warner TD reversed against lycanthropes}
4 When entering Draftday, you are the King of Quarterback selections {#1 Alltime} and have a knack for Team Offensives as well. Did Tom Brady skew the statistics or are you that good in this arena? Can you explain you subpar average in the other five positional categories?
2007 was a freakish year with Brady. I think the fantasy game has changed from running backs to having a good QB. There's too many NFL teams that use a two running back system and it hurts their fantasy value. I go out on a limb and try to select some players I think will perform well, but haven't panned out just yet.
5 What are your big plans for 2010? Any vacationing? Any successes outside of the fantasy realm?
For 2010, I'll try to ease back on the workload and, as of now, no vacation plans. I will be trying for some around the holidays though. In October, I might have a big party for my son. He'll hit his two year cancer-free (remission) which lowers his chance of getting it back from 50% to 10%; god-willing.