Jim Gray * Mohawk, N.Y.

Jim Gray * Mohawk, N.Y.

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Defeated Big Dog Express 1 4 7 - 1 1 6

Drew Brees

Winning the championship was a great feat because this was a whole new experience being in a league with different schemes and having to think and use your football knowledge to challenge for the title.
Beating Chuck in the final was the icing on the cake.

* Jim Gray *

1 Welcome to the championship circle, Jimmy Gray!! You are the third rookie in as many years to win a title {2006-08}.
What does that feel like coming into a league filled with various managerial schemes and rules that you have to adapt to and still be so successful?
This league is different than your average one and not suited for the average Joe fantasy owner that can't manage their lineups well.
You need to think ahead and take risks.
2 You have earned Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, and you currently rank # 5 in Best Team ever to play in this league. As the current 8th Best Franchise owner ever, I want to hear how you view this league in terms of any others that you have played in, and what this championship means to you.
This is probably the best league I have been in; even better than my own!
This accomplishment means a lot since my earnings go toward Christmas for my three kids.
3 Chuck Eaker (Big Dog Express) had mentioned often that you are a great manager to have in a fantasy league because you are well-schooled in player talent and would do anything in your power to win. Do you agree with Chuck's assessment, and do you have an ongoing rivalry with him that we don't know about? You had said to me on a couple of occasions that one of your goals was to beat him if you could. Actually, you might have already said it best by scoring the 3rd Highest Playoff score ever recorded along with the best 2008 score all year against him in the FantasyBowl!
Chuck and I have had a friendly rivalry ongoing since we started our league about fifteen years ago.
We are easily the most knowledgeable players in our league, and I would say in your league as well.
4 Wow, that's a pretty strong statement!... liable to ruffle some feathers, ha, ha. There has been only one team to repeat a championship the following year (Fornino's Jets), and he did it by using two vastly different approaches to his drafting and managing in both 1998 & 1999.
What is your plan heading into 2009, knowing that protecting Drew Brees is a given.
I definitely want to repeat, but it will be hard. Like I said, I am pretty confident that I can make the playoffs with a well-designed team.
If I suffer any early setbacks next fall, I'll be sure to make my presence known!
5 With this windfall of money that you just received, how do you plan on celebrating this sweet victory?
Is your house going to be decorated with all these new plaques next year?
The money always goes to my kids. I haven't decided on what to do with the plaques yet; I have to see them first.
I guess I'll just wait until next season and prepare to kill again!

6 9.3%