Jim Hawkins * Mohawk, N.Y.

Jim Hawkins & Jay Hawkins * Mohawk, N.Y.

1 1 - 5

1 6 3 5 ** 1 0 2.2

Defeated the Executioners 1 0 6 - 1 0 2

Tom Brady

"Gentlemen, first and foremost, I'd like to thank you for accepting me into your league this year. I feel this is a change of pace and one of the more interesting leagues I have joined. Some fantasy football seasons are very frustrating and injury-filled. I know Reggie Bush had it out for me like he does adult film stars. Also, whoever drafted Drew Brees before I had a chance, not mentioning any names (Herkimites), it's much appreciated.
I know my rookie year may not have been as impressive as Adrian Peterson's, but I squeaked through to the end.
Trash-talking is not my specialty, I'll leave that to the professionals.
Last but not least, I'd like to dedicate this Championship to Tom Brady; through him all things are possible.
I look forward to a great fantasy season next year!"

* Jim Hawkins *

1 Hello Jim! This league is beginning to set quite a trend. You are the second straight rookie owner to win a Championship Title!
What does this tell about you as an owner and your success in this league?
Well, I have to say that many years are unlucky, but I happened to have one of the luckiest breaks that I can remember for anyone. Tom Brady was simply outstanding. I needed him in what I knew was a very competitive league, and I find that yours is one of the most enjoyable. Your rules for schemes is very intriguing. I find that you are a very fair commissioner when it comes to settling league rules also.
2 The selection of Tom Brady in the second round by your co-manager son, Jay Hawkins, has shattered old league records and has gotten you into the Top Ten Best Teams of all time. Who would you say is the most influential coordinator of your franchise: you or your son?
I'd say we both have an equal share on the success of our team. The fact that we were gunning for Drew Brees and lost out on him to the Herkimites left us to try Tom Brady and see if we could still have a top QB before the rest were taken. Turns out, it was the best luck money could buy.
3 Yes Jim, you definitely had your share of luck at that. You dodged a major bullet in the divisional playoffs, recording the worst score to ever win in the postseason. You also won the championship when the Executioner's San Diego Offense failed to post points in the second half of their blowout ballgame.
How does this make you feel, especially when I personally called your house relaying this live information?
It has to be the Fantasy Football gods shining down upon the wolf pack.
I had no idea that I was even in the running to win until you added up the points for me that night.
4 You mentioned that you wanted to parlay your winnings into a massive bid for next year's $1500 entry fee in a fantasy football league in New York City.
Will you go through with that, or are you leaning towards another venture?
I definitely have plans to enter in with a of couple guys I know and go for the big bucks in NYC, but I want to give a portion of my winnings to my wife who has earned it. She was been listening to all my leagues, and I want to reward her for that.
5 Tell me more about yourself outside of the fantasy lifestyle.
What type of career do you have, and what types of other hobbies are you involved with?
My life revolves around my granddaughter mostly. I just celebrated my 27th wedding anniversary, and my hobbies include all types of various fantasy sports. I am an Animal Control Officer in Herkimer County, a machinist, and I work as a janitor at the Polish Club.

5 8.3%