John Fornino * Frankfort, N.Y.

Fred Hight * Frankfort, N.Y.

1 1 - 5

1 7 8 0 * 1 1 1.3

Defeated the SLICKS * 9 1 - 5 6

Vinny Testaverde

"See, everybody laughed when I chose the (New York) Jets."
* John Fornino *

1Congratulations Fred on the first ever Eastern Nightstorm Championship Title! Your next door neighbor, John Fornino, was happy to sponsor a team to compete in our inaugural league. How would you best describe your relationship with him, and what made you decide to manage the Fornino's Jets?
My relationship? Good, I guess. I don't know him that well. We don't associate with one another that much, but when we see each other, we always say 'Hi'. When I mentioned your league, he handed me a $50 bill and told me to put effort in getting all Jet players for his team.
2When John told you that particular gameplan to follow based on his favorite NFL team, you ended up with a starting lineup of 56% New York Jets.
Did you feel that this was a bad move on John's part as owner; a foolhardy strategy for you to enact as his manager?
Yes, I thought it was a bad move. The Jets weren't that good at the time, and I didn't think that selecting everyone from one team was a wise decision.
3 You managed the champion F-Jets while also owning a second team, the Country Beavers. The Beavers seemed to struggle the whole year and never even contended for the playoffs. Why such a huge gap in success between the two franchises?
The NY Jets were doing good this year. Whether they were winning or losing, they were always scoring high. I think it was just a matter of having those certain players in the NFL. The Beavers never seemed to have any playmakers.
4 With twelve brand-new owners all competing for ultimate glory, did you feel there was strong competition among everyone, or do you think there was more luck to the season than anything else?
I think it was mostly luck. I don't feel anybody really knew what was going on.
People took their chances, and I believe that most owners didn't know anything about Fantasy Football.
5 According to league rules, an owner must have allegiance to only one team. There was an allowance given for you this year, because we didn't realize that John was never planning to manage his sponsored team. If you select the F-Jets over the Beavers to govern next year, will it be fulfilling since you wouldn't keep the trophy or the main portion of the money?
I'd stay with Fornino's Jets. Yes, I think it would be fulfilling. Just the idea of winning makes it all worthwhile.

4 3.3%